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When Avril Lavigne was in the earliest stages of her career, she wrote a song called “Complicated.” Little did anyone know that this simple title would come to define her life. 

A Good Start

Lavigne had a good start in her early years. Born in Ontario, Canada on September 27, 1984, her family recognized her vocal talents from a young age after she began singing on the way home from church.

To help develop her talent, her parents bought her a microphone, drum kit, and keyboard. They hoped the purchases would encourage the young Avril to develop her musical abilities further and perhaps use them in the future.

As she got older Lavigne began singing at various country fairs and events locally as a young teenager. Crowds loved her voice, and she entered many singing competitions, hoping that someone would spot her talent and put her on the road to stardom. 


Lavigne’s career began in earnest in 1999 when she won a contest to perform live on stage in Ottawa with singer, Shania Twain. After performing, the young Canadian said that she hoped she could be famous one day, just like her. 

Following this appearance, various music industry professionals spotted her talent and wanted to work with her, including Cliff Fabri and Stephen Medd. These two individuals spread the word about the young Canadian’s prodigious talent and managed to get several record labels interested. Eventually, bosses invited Lavigne to Peter Zizzo’s Manhattan studio to listen to her voice. During a short 15-minute audition, execs became spellbound by her talents and believed she could be a star.

Soon after, the hit single Complicated arrived, and Lavigne became an overnight sensation. A year later in 2002, she released the corresponding album, which immediately became a chart-topper in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia. 

Lavigne continued to perform to hordes of fans over the following decades, never giving up her love of music or performing on stage. She always retained her slightly edgy style and continued to play concerts globally.

Personal Life

In 2005, Lavigne dated Sum 41 lead vocalist Deryck Whibley. The pair had been friends during their teenage years, but eventually got together when Lavigne was 19. They ultimately got married, but Lavigne filed for divorce in 2009. Later, Lavigne got involved with fellow Canadian musician and Nickelback star Chad Kroeger. The couple married in 2013 but she later divorced him. 

During this time, doctors diagnosed Lavigne with Lyme disease. The condition is hard to detect but makes people feel fatigued. Recovery from the condition is possible, but it took a long time for the Canadian singer to get a satisfactory diagnosis. Symptoms often appear like other diseases, making it hard for doctors to figure out what’s wrong.

Some people believe Lavigne follows a strict vegan diet, but she has never confirmed this to be the case.

People love Avril Lavigne for her fun personality and ability to express emotion through her music. For many people growing up in the early 2000s, she was their first introduction to emo and punk pop music.

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