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Popular sitcom actor Charlie Sheen was in fact born Carlos Irwin Estévez on September 3rd, 1965, in New York City, USA. Charlie is the third son of actors Martin Sheen and Janet Templeton. His father’s real name is actually Ramón Estévez, due to his Spanish origins. Charlie adopted an anglicized version of his name when he was in school, and later took on his father’s stage surname when he started professionally acting. He has two older brothers and one younger sister, all actors as well: Emilio, Ramón, and Renée Estévez.

Charlie first showed an interest in acting during his high school years, when he started to make Super 8 amateur films with his brother Emilio and school friends Rob Lowe and Sean Penn. After that, his first credited appearance in a film was in 1983’s Grizzly II: The Predator, a low-budget horror movie sequel. His next roles as supporting actor were in Red Dawn (1984) and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). Both movies had star-studded casts and performed well at the box office.

Sheen’s first big acting job was in the Vietnam War drama Platoon (1986), a film that was a success at the box office and with the critics, as it was praised for its direction, cinematography, and the leading actors’ performances. He later teamed up with his father Martin Sheen in the well-received film Wall Street (1987), where they also played father and son. Years later, he would act alongside his brother Emilio in 1988’s Young Guns and 1990’s Men at Work. Sheen would continue to act together with members of his family throughout the following years.

By the mid-nineties, Sheen was trying his hand at writing and producing movies. In 1997, he wrote his first movie, which was a direct-to-video documentary regarding the question of life on Mars. The following year, he wrote, produced, and starred in the action movie No Code of Conduct. Sheen also went into voice acting, most notably in All Dogs go to Heaven 2 (1996) and, almost a decade later, Foodfight (2012).

Charlie Sheen made his television debut when he appeared in Spin City (1996-2002), replacing Michael J. Fox. For his work on the sitcom, he was nominated for several accolades and won his first Golden Globe as Best Actor in a TV series. In 2003, Sheen was cast in his most notable role to date as one of the leads in the WB’s sitcom Two and a half men. His appearance on the show led him to various Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, and he became the highest-paid sitcom actor at the time.

Sheen played Charlie Harper on Two and a half men for eight seasons, until a highly publicized feud with the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, ended up with his dismissal from the series in 2011. The actor’s last big role on the small screen was in 2012’s Anger Management spin-off, which lasted 100 episodes before ending on the second season. Since then, Charlie has appeared in small roles in some TV shows and even made movie cameos, keeping a low profile following a series of controversies and personal issues. In his recently credited movies to date, though, he is credited with his birth name, marking a desire to return to his true origins.

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