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Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most interesting actresses to have ever graced Hollywood. The star is famous for everything, from marrying Coldplay’s Chris Martin to recommending various diets that slow or reverse aging. Paltrow succeeded tremendously on social media and co-starred alongside Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man series and the Avengers films. 

What Made Her So Successful?

Paltrow was born on September 27th, 1972, in Los Angeles, to a film-making family with a Christian mother and a Jewish father. As a child, she celebrated the holidays of both traditions, giving her a wider and unique perspective on the world and familial interactions.

Her family was also heavily into film, screenwriting, and screenplays. Her siblings and father regularly dabbled in creative endeavors, having some success. These early experiences undoubtedly inspired the then-young Paltrow to pursue her career in film-making.

Paltrow’s first foray into the TV world came via her father. She starred in High in 1989 where she tested her acting skills and gained some notoriety. A couple of years later in 1991, she starred in a minor role as Rebecca in the film Shout, which was a dance romance musical. Working with John Travolta in the production helped to associate her with the big name at the height of his career, catapulting her to more success. 

The best years of Paltrow’s career were between 1996 and 2001. During this period, she starred as Emma Woodhouse in the film Emma, based on the 1815 Jane Austen novel.

Marriage To Chris Martin

Of course, despite her on-screen success, Paltrow’s private life is part of what made her such a star and fired the imagination of her fans. Early in her career, she dated Brad Pitt but later cut off the engagement because she wasn’t ready for marriage. After that, she briefly dated Ben Affleck before settling on Chris Martin in 2002. The pair had two children, Apple and Moses, but, unfortunately, all was not well in the Martin family. Paltrow began experiencing postpartum depression and eventually decided to file for divorce in 2015. The story made front-page news around the world, and people were shocked that such a high-profile A-list couple could separate after so many years together. 

Side Activities

Of course, Paltrow’s life was about more than acting and her marriage to Chris Martin. She also engaged in multiple side projects. One of her biggest contributions was food. Paltrow worked with PBS on a show called Spain … On the Road Again in 2007 which explored the culinary traditions of the country. She also started writing Notes From the Kitchen Table about her eating habits in 2011. She soon discovered the value of an elimination diet and went public with it. Paltrow is partially credited with starting the avocado toast craze.

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