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Joe Rogan has been a standup comedian for 20 years. His comedy specials include Triggered, Rocky Mountain High and Live from the Tabernacle. He has also released Talking Monkeys in Space, and Joe Rogan Live on DVD. Rogan is currently the host of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which is a long-form conversation with popular guests.

Personal Life

Rogan married a cocktail waitress called Jessica Ditzel in the year 2009. They have two daughters, and he is also stepfather to Ditzel’s other daughter, from a previous relationship. The couple settled in Bell Canyon in 2003 but in 2018, they bought a new home within the same area for $5 million. In 2020, they moved again to a $14 million home in Austin, Texas, and currently reside near Lake Austin.


Since the year 2002, Rogan has provided commentary for the UFC. His passion for mixed martial arts began when he started training at the age of 13. Within two years, he earned his black belt and became the champion for Massachusetts, a title he held on to for four years. When Rogan hit the age of 19, he won the US Tae Kwon Do event, before beating numerous weight classes to obtain the Grand Championship.

Film Accreditation

Rogan has also participated in the making of numerous films, including Here Comes the Boom and Zookeeper. He also hosted the show Joe Rogan Questions Everything for the Syfy channel, and spent a number of years hosting Fear Factor. This reality TV show ran for six seasons, and challenged people to face their biggest fears in hopes of coming away with a top prize. Prior to Fear Factor, he played the character of Joe Garrelli, the electrician, on the comedy show NewsRadio.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Rogan often performs stand-up shows, locally and internationally, and has managed to establish himself as a comedian, sitcom actor, martial artist, UFC pundit, eat-what-you-kill hunter and psychedelics advocate.

Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, interviews various people, including conspiracy theorists. He also blends celebrity interviews with libertarian political conversations. He was named the most-heard podcaster on Spotify in the year 2021, a year after he signed an exclusive $100m deal with the audio service.

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