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Born on September 9, 1991, in Lafayette, Louisiana, Lauren Ashley Daigle began her career singing in church choirs and touring with Christian bands, and was also the choir leader at Louisiana State University.

Her love for music was influenced by zydeco, blues, and Cajun music; popular genres where she grew up. In fact, as a child, Daigle had so much passion for music, her mother would refer to their home as “the music box” because Lauren was always singing.

During her teenage years, Lauren was diagnosed with cytomegalovirus and had to stay out of school for two years. Around this time, she took voice lessons to connect with her creativity. Although initially interested in studying medicine, while in hospital Daigle developed a deeper appreciation for music, which she found solace in. After recovering from her illness, Lauren realized she needed to follow her passion for music, and chose to focus on making it her career.

With the encouragement of family and friends, Daigle participated in American Idol and, after winning the competition in 2013, continued to stay in the spotlight. In a short space of time, Daigle signed her first record deal with Centricity Music, a popular label in the Christian music industry, and released her first single, Light of the World, officially marking her introduction to the Christian music scene.

In 2015, Daigle released her debut album, How Can It Be?, which went on to receive two Grammy nominations, and topped Christian music charts worldwide. She was also nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Album at the Grammys in 2016, and in 2017 she performed Back to God with Reba McEntire at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Daigle has sold out headline shows worldwide, including the Morrison Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, and has been one of the top-selling new artists in her genre for over the past decade. Her fans describe her music as “uplifting, honest, and relatable”.

Besides releasing many albums, Daigle performed on the TV show, Ellen, and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when her album Look Up Child debuted at number 1. During that time, she toured to promote the lead single, You Say, which led to her being compared to famous singer-songwriter, Adele. You Say was the first song to remain at number 1 on the Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart for over 100 weeks.

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