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Have you ever looked at a clown and wondered why humanity created such an interesting yet terrifying creature? Ever looked at all the art in the museums and thought about how absurd it all looks? National Absurdity Day is a day all about celebrating the absurd. Whether you want to look into artistic movements, write snazzy slam poetry that doesn’t make sense, or just dress up in a funny costume and talk about the economic deficit, then this is the day to just get weird and crazy and make life more interesting.

History of National Absurdity Day

The Absurdist movement began in the post-world war II era, where the threat of nuclear bombs of the cold war and the tragedies of the Nazi camp concentrations. In connection to philosophies like existentialism and nihilism, Absurdists believe while there could be meaning, we will never know, and hence explores that ideology through constructing absurd meaning in things. It began with the idea of Theater in the Absurd, with artists such as Samuel Beckett and Jean Genet creating theatrical works of art that expand on the absurd. The Absurdist movement is still currently active today and there are many parts of the world which have theatrical performances and artistic expression that go along with these ideas.

National Absurdity Day is henceforth a day to celebrate the absurd. If you’re not into the philosophical discussions about ideas and movements, then this is just a day to be silly and have lots of fun. National Absurdity Day is all about finding humor in the mundane things of life and allows you as an individual to create works of art or perform a certain way that defies the norms of a structured society. However, this day isn’t suggested as a way to break rules, specifically ones that can affect your future. Caution is still made, but if you’re going to be silly, do it in a way that can be fun for everybody involved.

How to celebrate National Absurdity Day

So, how do you celebrate a holiday dedicated to the absurd? Dress up in a funny outfit and go around and greet people. Create abstract meme art on the internet and share it on your favorite forum. Cook food that shouldn’t taste good but surprises you with deliciousness! Write poetry referencing the great artists of the past while mocking their ideological entitlement. If you’re up for the fun, then use the hashtag #absurdityday and let your friends know it’s time to be silly.

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