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While accounting may seem like a boring profession, it’s vital to every business out there. Without accountants, people won’t get paid promptly nor be able to understand their debits and credits. Even with an accountant, these can still be hard to understand. Accounting is work that isn’t something many people enjoy.  

Accountants enjoy the prospects of so much that they form their whole career around managing numbers and company finances. That’s why, for those mathematicians out there in the industry, there is Accounting Day to celebrate!

Accounting Day is all about promoting the accounting profession. It seeks to give people the opportunity to network among their colleagues and aims to provide the opportunity to continue education for those interested in the industry.

History of Accounting Day

Accounting Day was first held in 1972 by the San Diego chapter of the California Society of CPA’s. Some remember the Institute of Management Accountants as the original organizers of the event.

Nevertheless, it was created to help inspire younger generations into an accounting career. In 1976, other organizations were invited to celebrate the holiday and Accounting Day became an official holiday celebrated everywhere. While accounting has a longer history than its holiday, it deserved to have its own holiday.

Today, Accounting Day is operated by the Accounting Education Institute. Accounting Day provides plenty of networking opportunities, giving people a chance to have educational opportunities in the fields of accounting and finance.

The AEI contributes to many scholarship funds for major universities and works with them getting college students into accounting. They also help them get real-world applications for job opportunities. Organizations are encouraged to participate in accounting day to help their members connect and provide education for potential future accountants.

How to Celebrate Accounting Day

If an accounting organization near you is hosting an Accounting Day event, then why not celebrate this day by attending the event! Through attending, you’ll be able to meet with some of the best accountants out there and network with them for future job opportunities.

If you’re thinking of school, then try an accounting degree and see what career opportunities open for you. Share this holiday with friends and family, talk about the value of accountants in our daily lives, and say thank you to an accountant that you know personally.