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Sure, no one knows the origin story or just exactly how and when art was born, as most people assume it developed and evolved along with human history. But Art, as a source of life and beauty, certainly deserves a birthday celebration just like anyone or anything else! 

History of Art’s Birthday

First proposed in 1963 by French artist Robert Filliou, this day is meant to commemorate the birth of art. Filliou suggested that approximately 1 million years ago there was no art but then, on a random January 17, someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water and ART began its life. Thus, Art’s Birthday is celebrated on this day!

Though the idea was fairly slow to build momentum more than fifty years ago, in recent years the idea has gained more traction. A loose network of artists and friends of artists from all parts of the world got connected with the idea and began celebrating Art’s Birthday with lavish parties, gatherings and all sorts of ways to appreciate art.

The advent of the internet brought even more growth to Art’s Birthday, eventually resulting in a dedicated website and access to artists and their supporters all throughout the globe! 

How to Celebrate Art’s Birthday

Get in the groove of creativity and Art’s Birthday by participating in a wide range of activities, including some of these to get started with:

Join an Art’s Birthday Event

Fall in love with Art all over again by celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Art through various virtual activities such as livestream broadcasts and webinars. Or get connected with some local folks through the event’s website or Facebook group, accessing information about public events that are being held. In addition, each year, the organizers of Art’s Birthday offer a fun and simple challenge for art lovers of all kinds, such as making a paper hat and taking a portrait with it.

Those who don’t find local activities to celebrate this event might consider throwing their own party for Art’s Birthday!

Create Some Art 

Of course, one of the best ways to participate in celebrating Art’s Birthday might just be to engage in some creative art-making activities! Get those supplies out and imagine something new. From watercolors and textiles to clay and found objects, the sky is the limit when it comes to dreaming up and leaning into the message that a new art project can behold. And don’t forget to snap a photo and share it on favorite social media outlets to build excitement for the event!

Go on an Art Journey

Don’t stop with just creating one piece of art! In honor of Art’s Birthday, it might be fun to celebrate and pay heed to the day by making a habit of engaging with more art. Those who don’t want to make art but would rather look at it can purchase a membership to an art museum. Others might choose to take an art class to learn a new skill or improve on an existing one. Still others might like to read a book, like The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, which encourages a lifestyle of spiritual artistry and creativity for just about anyone.

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