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On 10th June 1943 the Bíró brothers, László and György, became owners of US Patent 2,390,636 – better known around the world as the ball point pen. The Hungarian inventors’ new pen, inspired by the quick-drying inks used by professional printers, was as remarkable as the first fountain pen had been the century before.

Nowadays, their invention is the ultimate cheap and disposable product – writer Douglas Adams even imagined a planet containing all the lost ball point pens in the universe. Yet it was once a luxury product, available only to the rich. Ball Point Pen Day is a time to appreciate this rarest of things: a design classic that is affordable to almost everyone. Some stores even mark the day with special offers and trade-in deals! Why not get a head start on Letter Writing Day, pick up a ball point pen and make someone’s day with a letter or a postcard.

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