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International Fairy Day

Join a festival or celebration that honors the mythical fairie, or settle in to read or watch a fairie tale featuring these remarkable, captivating creatures.

A guide to celebrating Jun 24th

Ready for a day of whimsical fun? Let’s start by celebrating the magic of International Fairy Day. Head outdoors for a fairy-themed scavenger hunt. Encourage creativity by making your own fairy wings with materials around the house. Next up is Swim a Lap Day. Hit the pool or beach, swim a few laps, then relax with a beach read. National Upcycling Day calls for a DIY project – revamp old clothes with embroidery or patches.

Now it’s time for a sweet treat on National Pralines Day. Whip up a batch of homemade pralines or visit a local bakery for a tasty indulgence. Finally, embrace the chaos of Please Take My Children to Work Day. Swap roles with a friend or family member for a few hours to experience their profession. End the day with a potluck dinner to share stories and bond over the day’s adventures.

Regardless of the occasion, throw on some fairy wings, take a dip, get creative, indulge in treats, and experience a day full of laughter and connection. Who knew such a motley crew of holidays could result in such a captivating day? Enjoy the revelry and embrace the unexpected!

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