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Kindness is an incredible attribute and although it can happen spontaneously, it’s also good to be intentional about it. Be Kind to Humankind Week is an ideal opportunity to level up that kindness factor, flex those kindness muscles and have fun spreading the happiness around! 

History of Be Kind to Humankind Week

Be Kind to Humankind Week was founded in 1988 by a woman named Lorraine Jara from Toms River, New Jersey. Now, more than 35 years later, the event continues to be celebrated with the purpose of bringing kindness and hope to make the world a better and happier place for all human beings on the planet.

One fun aspect of Be Kind to Humankind Week is that it uses each day of the week to address a different aspect of how to be kind to those in the surrounding community. The days signify a range of unique opportunities to put into practice the work of being kind. Starting with Sacrifice Our Wants for Others’ Needs Sunday, consider the different actions that could be performed on these other days of the week:

  • Motorist Consideration Monday
  • Touch a Heart Tuesday
  • Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday
  • Thoughtful Thursday
  • Forgive Your Foe Friday
  • Speak Nice Words Saturday

Of course, these are just a few suggestions but there are all sorts of other ways to be kind as well. Every day of this week deserves some thoughtful consideration for ways that individuals, school classrooms, youth groups, and all sorts of other community groups can display acts of kindness in honor of Be Kind to Humankind Week. Don’t forget that it’s great to be kind not only during this week but all throughout the year!

How to Celebrate Be Kind to Humankind Week

Make a difference in the life of one person or the whole world by being on the lookout for kindness opportunities during Be Kind to Humankind Week.

Be Kind Impulsively

As opportunities arise during Be Kind to Humankind Week or anytime, it’s fun to be impetuous about giving, serving, helping or being kind to others. This might mean paying for the coffee order of the person behind in the drive-thru line. Or it could be looking for opportunities to help someone by holding open a door, carrying a heavy object, or letting them cut in front in traffic. Even just giving a smile to someone can make their day just a little bit brighter – and the impact can be contagious!

Plan Ahead for Be Kind to Humankind Week

While it’s okay to be kind on the spur of the moment, sometimes it takes planning and intention to execute the activities of Be Kind to Humankind week. Perhaps this means organizing a walk or race to support charity, gathering supplies for a foodbank to help people with food insecurity, or making plans for some other charity support event that will bring kindness into action.

The Days of the Year Calendar is full of all sorts of different opportunities to celebrate along the theme of kindness, including National Random Acts of Kindness Day in February, National Do Something Nice Day in October and World Kindness Day in October.    

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