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You know who doesn’t get enough recognition? Boyfriends. There’s a Wives Day, a Girlfriends Day, a Mother’s Day, a Woman’s Day, but none of these represent the wonderful person who puts up with you day by day, your boyfriend. Alright, so we know they’re not a total piece of cake to live with, but who is? They’re still deserving of attention and recognition of all the things they do to make your life just a little bit better. Boyfriend’s Day is the perfect excuse to tell them how much you appreciate them.

Learn about Boyfriend’s Day

Boyfriend’s Day has been created so that we can make sure our other halves know how much they are appreciated and how much we love them. Traditionally, it is women who receive all of the acknowledgement and attention. We expect to be wowed on Valentine’s Day. We anticipate our other half paying for most of the dates. Yes, there are a lot of modern women who like to break this mold, but there is no denying that our boyfriends could do with a bit of extra TLC. Even if you’re someone who is always spoiling your other half, you now have another excuse to do so!

We’re sure there are a lot of different things that your boyfriend brings to your life. Does he put a smile on your face every day? Is he always there for you when you need someone? Does he do all of the DIY around the house? Does he deal with any spiders that pop up in the home? Today is the perfect day to let him know that you appreciate all of this.

History of Boyfriend’s Day

It’s not easy being a boyfriend, there’s just so much you have to keep in mind. Anniversary’s, Birthday’s, Parent’s Birthdays and Holidays, who likes who, who hates who, whether to leave the toilet seat up or down, seriously, it’s just about the most challenging thing ever. You often wind up being the primary source of support for your partner (or partners, Polyamory is a thing these days, and you souls are braver than most). So obviously Boyfriend’s Day needed to be a thing so that you can get shown the proper respect for everything you do.

Then of course there’s the conflicting expectations, you have to be solid and reliable, able to carry the weight and stress of the trials and tribulations your partner(s) face, but you also need to be soft, considerate, and in touch with your feelings. Then there’s that whole machismo thing! Really, exactly what is expected of us? Well, on Boyfriends Day all that’s expected is that you sit back, relax, and thoroughly enjoy the day without the weighty concerns you carry every other day of the year.

Well, except for killing spiders, because as everyone knows spider executions wait for no man, or Boyfriends Day.

National Boyfriend Day Timeline


The term “boyfriend” begins use 

Originally meaning a friend who is a boy, this word turns romantic in the early 1900s.[1]


Boyfriend jeans are made popular

After Levi’s starts making jeans for women in the 1930s, they develop in style and are made popular by famous women like Marilyn Monroe and Princess Alexandra.[2]


The Boyfriend film is released 

This British musical comedy film, set in the south of England in the 1920s, stars Twiggy and is an adaptation of a 1953 stage musical of the same name.[3]


Boyfriend song is released by Justin Bieber 

Every teenage girl’s heartthrob, Justin Bieber sings lyrics about how it would be, “If I was your boyfriend”, and it is previewed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.[4]


First National Boyfriend Day is recorded 

Though not necessarily ‘official’, National Boyfriend Day seems to first appear in cyberspace around this time.

How to celebrate Boyfriend’s Day

Celebrating Boyfriend’s Day is all about celebrating the boyfriend. Think carefully about those things that you do together, and especially those things that he does for him. Even better, if he hasn’t done anything for him in a while, make sure that he takes the day to go out and does what he loves and gets time away from the house. Most of all, just be sure to thank him for all the little things that he does for you every day, especially the ones that he may not think anything of. You’d be surprised how appreciated a little thank you can go, especially when utterly unexpected.

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