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Spouse’s Day is dedicated to recognizing spouses everywhere; from being thankful for the fulfillment and security of a long-term relationship to the boost in morale and well-being provided by spouses.

History of Spouse’s Day

Marriage is an ancient institution that dates back thousands of years. Wedding anniversaries have traditionally been celebrated each year, but the idea of carving out a day specifically for all spouses to celebrate each other didn’t come into existence until much more recently.

Making its appearance somewhere around the early 2000’s, Spouse’s Day seems to have begun in the United States and the United Kingdom, but has grown in popularity and is now celebrated by married couples all over the world.

Some people have attached some of the significance of this day to the origination of Military Spouse’s Day by American President Ronald Reagan in 1984. However, that day is celebrated in April and is limited to the spouses of those who serve in the military, differentiating it slightly from Spouse’s Day.

How to Celebrate Spouse’s Day

This day is meant to provide a simple acknowledgment of the commitment and sacrifice it takes to be married. Because it happens in the middle of the dark winter, Spouse’s Day can be a great time to ignite a spark in a marriage, bringing some fun and light to an otherwise dreary season.

Consider these options for celebrating this day:

Go on a Mini Road Trip

Call a babysitter for the kids and make plans to take a little getaway! Even if Spouse’s Day falls on a Tuesday, it’s easy to take the weekend before or the weekend after to celebrate the day. Drive somewhere away from distractions where it’s easier to focus on each other. Take time during the drive to share fond memories or talk about things that you appreciate about each other.

Making it a day trip means it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but adding an overnight at a Bed and Breakfast could make it even more special and romantic. A trip like this could be particularly special for those who are able to visit the place where they had their very first date, the place where they got engaged, or some other significant location.

Go Out (or Stay In) on a Date

Married partners can often take for granted their need to spend dedicated time nurturing their own relationship. Kids, jobs and the busy-ness of life can take their toll on a marriage. Taking time to “date” a spouse might seem strange, but it is a vital investment for relational health and longevity.

Putting electronic devices away, plan to go on a long walk or hike (weather permitting), set up a picnic for two at a local park, enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner, peruse through a museum or art gallery, enjoy a botanical garden, take a tour through a brewery, or relax at a spa with a couple’s massage. Whether simple or complicated, no matter what activity is chosen, the point is to do it together and enjoy one another’s company!

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Remembering why you got together in the first place is a good way to reignite the spark in a marriage. Get out the wedding photo album or peruse through snapshots from early in the relationship. Listen to songs that were popular at the beginning of dating, or watch the first movie you ever saw together. Enjoy thinking back through the good times and commit to making more good times in the future!

Try Something Out of the Ordinary

One challenging thing about marriage relationships is when the regular daily grind turns life into something ho-hum and boring. A great way to stir things up is to think creatively about ways to enjoy each other’s company by doing something atypical. Whether learning a new skill, taking an art or cooking class, or hiking a new trail, trying something new together creates opportunities to bond and renew the flicker of life in a marriage.

How to Appreciate Spouses Anytime

Building into a marriage isn’t just for special occasions. Every day is a great day to be appreciative of a spouse! Consider these reminders that can help instill health into a marriage:

Do the Little Things

Doing something nice for a spouse is a great way to show them they are loved. And it doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming! Just being thoughtful and making a small gesture can be very meaningful. Try making a cup of tea for them, cooking their favorite meal, or suggest watching their favorite movie with them. Anything that might simply make them smile is worth doing!

Put Feelings into Words

Remembering to say “thank you”, “I love you”, and other words of affirmation to a spouse is important all the time. Write a special poem, card, or letter that expresses deep feelings. Those who aren’t as creative with words might give a book of poetry, or make a special Spotify playlist of favorite love songs that give words to their feelings.

Build Something Together

Whether working a puzzle, assembling big-stack sandwiches, creating ice cream sundaes, or even playing with some Lego blocks, building something together can be good for bonding–as well as just plain fun! Take pictures of the results, and consider ways that building things resembles the life that you have been able to (and will continue to) build together.

Read a Marriage Book Together

What could be a better gift to a spouse than investing in the relationship and working hard to improve it? Even the best of marriages have ways that they can grow, so it’s great to put some effort into investing in marriage by reading one of these books and applying some of the fun and fruitful tips:

  • Eight Dates by John Gottman PhD. This book features 8 life-changing, interactive activities that will build skills and inspire depth in even the most solid of relationships.
  • Mindful Relationship Habits by S.J. Scott. Offering twenty-five habitual practices for couples to enhance intimacy, grow a deeper connection, and nurture closeness.
  • What Makes a Marriage Last by Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue. Share in the joy of other married couples by reading their stories. Interviews with forty different famous couples, including Chip and Joanna Gaines, Ray and Anna Romano, and President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter reveal secrets of these famous spouses that can be discussed together as you invest in your own relationship.

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