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People always talk about physical stimulation and keeping your body healthy, but where’s the brain gym to help keep your wits sharp? Most people don’t realize that engaging in mental stimulation is just as important as keeping your body in shape, but that’s what brainteaser month hopes to change.

Instead of just being a day of awareness and talks about brain teasers and encourages you to do them, it’s a month-long event that will help you stay mentally active with daily tasks and challenges that will keep your brain healthy.

Brainteaser Month is all about mental stimulation that helps to boost your overall brain activity and reinforce your memory power. Keeping your brain active also helps to reduce the risk of dementia and slow the rate of decline. If you’re still young and active, then mental stimulation can help you improve concentration, improve your brain processing speed and also help you tackle complex challenges by breaking them down into smaller tasks.

To achieve this, brainteaser month is all about giving yourself some kind of mental stimulation or challenge that changes every day. While doing a crossword or Sudoku is a great way to activate your brain and get thinking, it’s not a good idea to develop a habit of doing the same thing. This is because it can slowly get your brain accustomed to that specific task and you’ll start looking for shortcuts in problems.

The idea is to stimulate your brain and get you thinking about different things, breaking down problems or challenges and finding a way to piece together a solution by yourself. By changing up the task every day of the month, you keep your brain on its toes. It’s similar to working out your body–you need to try different brain workouts every day to always challenge yourself! 

How to celebrate Brainteaser Month

To celebrate brainteaser month, plan out some mentally-stimulating challenges for each day. You could set a goal of doing a brainteaser or a complex problem every day. This shouldn’t take very long, especially if it’s just a newspaper game like Sudoku or an app on your phone. You could also consider downloading a brain-training game or app on your phone so that you can challenge yourself even on your commute to work instead of just listening to music.

Brainteaser month is also a lot of fun with your friends and family members. A great way to get involved with brainteaser month as a group is to play a board game together that involves some strategy or problem-solving. Scrabble is a great example of a fun game that stimulates the brain and helps you grow your vocabulary. Since it’s suitable for all ages, you can play with a large group and make a night of it.

You can also use the hashtag #BrainteaserMonth to find mentally-stimulating challenges on social media, or even post your own if you’ve found or thought of a fun and challenging question or puzzle to give to others.