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Learn about Brainteaser Month

Who doesn’t love a brainteaser – or more importantly, the satisfaction of successfully completing one? Brainteasers take many forms. For those who are fond of words there are crosswords, wordsearches and acrostics, while for the mathematically-inclined there is Sudoku.

Other, more obscure kinds can also be found so there’s a type of brain teaser for everyone. They’re a great way of exercising your brain because unlike a quiz, for example, if you’re wrong your mistake is kept private!

You may exercise daily to keep your body strong and healthy, but what about your brain? Studies have shown that regular use of brainteasers helps protect against Alzheimers Disease.

While the origins of Brainteaser Month are unclear, it’s a great reminder to make sure you keep working your grey matter and keep yourself healthy. Most newspapers have a few brainteasers to keep you occupied, but alternatively look online or buy a puzzle book.