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Enjoy the delicious and delightful flavors that are present in this simple, exquisite cocktail. Brandy Alexander Day offers an ideal opportunity to give this drink the respect it deserves!

History of Brandy Alexander Day

When the first Brandy Alexander was served in 1922, many people think it was at the wedding of Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles in London, United Kingdom. Others say the drink originated in Russia, from tsar Alexander II of the House of Romanov. A favorite drink of John Lennon from the Beatles, the Brandy Alexander is made up of cognac, creme de cacao and simple cream.

The name of the drink may have come from the fact that it is a variation of an earlier drink that was similar but used gin instead and was simply called “Alexander”. Just a few years after its invention, the recipe for Brandy Alexander was first printed in a book where it was originally referred to as Alexander Cocktail No 2, but eventually it got its own first name.

In many cases, because it is sweet, Brandy Alexander is a cocktail that is often served in place of dessert. However, it can also be served after a meal along with creamy desserts such as custard or even a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

One thing that is important to remember about Brandy Alexander is that, even though it is sweet and tastes like dessert, the liquor in this cocktail is 80 proof so the effect of the alcohol can still be rather strong. And those who struggle with lactose still have options for enjoying this drink because they can use a non-dairy cream such as almond or oat.

Now, Brandy Alexander Day is here so that everyone can pay honor to and celebrate this delightful cocktail!

How to Celebrate Brandy Alexander Day

Have tons of fun and enjoy the celebration of Brandy Alexander Day with some of these ideas:

Order a Brandy Alexander

Of course, the first order of business for celebrating Brandy Alexander is to make a point of enjoying one of these cocktails. For some people, this might be the first time trying it out! Head over to a restaurant or cocktail bar where the bartender can serve up a delicious version of this sweet, creamy and smooth beverage.

Try Making a Brandy Alexander

Grab a few ingredients and learn how to make this tasty cocktail at home in honor of Brandy Alexander Day! It might even be fun to invite a few friends over to experiment with these drinks together.

Ingredients needed for making Brandy Alexanders include brandy (usually cognac), dark creme de cacao, cream, and grated nutmeg for garnish. Use one shot of cognac, to one ounce of creme de cacao and one ounce of cream.

To make the drink, fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the ingredients. Shake well, strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with freshly ground nutmeg. Deliciously creamy and perfect for celebrating the day!

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