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Buckfast Tonic Wine

Red and white wines have been a traditional and classy drink for a long time in history. Many people celebrate and enjoy wine, but there is a unique concoction of wine out there that is enjoyed by many in Scotland and, surprisingly enough, it is caffeinated!

Buckfast is the name of this delicious wine and, each year, there are a variety of people all over who celebrate the history of this particular wine and enjoy its fruity tannin taste.

Buckfast Tonic Wine is a caffeinated wine that has become part of the Scottish tradition since as far back as the 1960’s. The wine was initially made as an herbal remedy to improve health, which is why it is classified as a tonic wine instead of a regular wine.

Originally, however, the drink got its start in England. Buckfast was created and distributed from southern England by Benedictine monks in Buckfast Abbey back during the 1890’s. The story goes that the Abbey lost its license to make the wine, and it is now distributed by J. Chandler & Company (in the UK) and Grants of Ireland. However the wine is still actually made at that same original Abbey, plus an additional site to keep up with demand.

Beyond that, the drink has its origins in French recipes, but despite coming from the English and French, the Scottish have taken akin to this fortifying wine, especially in the city of Glasgow.

World Buckfast Day is the perfect time to learn more about this interesting alcoholic beverage and possibly give it a try!

History of World Buckfast Day

Each year, there are a large number of pubs all over Scotland that take part in the celebration of this unique wine. Interesting events, such as Wreck the Hoose, have their annual festival where people get to drink and have a good time. However, due to the popularity of this drink, it has also caused some controversy over the past decade.

Since caffeine is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant, the mix of these two substances can have an unfortunate effect on some people. In fact, because of this, Buckfast has been linked to years of political voting to ban the drink, in an effort to help tackle the country’s struggle with drinking problems.

Buckfast, according to studies, has been linked to anti-social behavior and also has some associations with reports of committing crime. To help with this issue, many political members have also recommended a limit on the amount of caffeine in alcoholic drinks to solve this issue. To give an idea of how extreme this drink is, Buckfast has the same amount of caffeine as eight cans of cola. Now that is a whole lot of caffeine!

World Buckfast Day is a fairly recent day, only begun in 2015 in the UK. Started by a fan group called the “Wreck the Hoose Juice”, the day has now become an international sensation to celebrate what was also known as “Bucky” or
“Commotion Lotion”.

How to Celebrate World Buckfast Day

Celebrating World Buckfast Day is the ideal time to learn something and try something new! Consider these ways of enjoying the day:

Try Out Buckfast

For those who are interested to see what Buckfast is all about, then a first stop may be to check out a local liquor store to see if they happen to have it in stock. If it doesn’t, then it might be possible to order the drink online and see personally what the craze is about this highly-caffeinated wine.

Take a Trip to Scotland

In order to truly appreciate this drink and this day, the ideal place to be is Scotland! Hop on over to the northern part of the British Isles and get ready to take part in one of their annual events. This might be a great way to make new friends and have a good time learning and enjoying a variety things that embody the Scottish culture, such as these:

  • Go island hopping from one little nest to another throughout the Inner Hebrides, the Outer Hebrides (in the west of Scotland) and Orkney or Shetland (in the north of the country) or the Isle of Skye. Filled with beautiful landscapes, sunsets and incredible views!
  • Enjoy a Scottish whiskey tasting. As long as there’s alcohol on the menu, it would seem wrong not to include Scotland’s most famous liquor, Scotch Whiskey. Try a taste at a pub or a distillery.
  • Pop in to hear some Bagpipers. Whether on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh or on Buchanan Street in Glasgow, don’t leave Scotland without taking the opportunity to hear bagpipes played in person in their native home!

Celebrate at a Pub Near Home

Even people who can’t get to Scotland may have the opportunity to celebrate World Buckfast Day! Many pubs around the world have taken on the day as their own, including places such as Sydney, Australia; Dublin, Ireland; Leeds, England; and Ayia Napa, Cyprus; and even the Caribbean! With many more places popping up each year, it would be a surprise if the day continues to grow. Check listings to see if there is a bar or pub celebrating World Buckfast Day in the local area.

Share this holiday on your favorite social media platforms and let your friends know what day it is using the hashtag #buckfastday.

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