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Did somebody say beer, eh? Beer is a drink that has been enjoyed for thousands of years – and in historical times it was often much safer to drink than water! Even today, quite a large amount of the population prefers the taste of beer over water anyway.

Canadian Beer Day is all about celebrating the humble beverage and the Canadian beer industry. Whether planning to have a drink at a local bar, visit a brewery, have a beer with a meal in a restaurant, or just pick some up from the store to take home, Canadian Beer day is delightful to celebrate!

It’s no secret that a cold beer can be the perfect complement to any day. Beers come in many different types too, from lager to real ale, ranging from porters to India Pale Ales, pilsners, stouts and many more. 

Beer lovers are sure to find interesting events across Canada on Beer Day, with opportunities to learn about the industry and connect to the brewing community.

According to the Canadian Beer Day website, this “a day to celebrate Candian Beer and the people who brew it, sell it, deliver it, serve it and drink it.” 

History of Canadian Beer Day

We know that people have been brewing beer for at least 7,000 years. The first written record humans have of beer being brewed is written on a papyrus that dates back to around 5,000 BC. However, these beers weren’t like what people now know and enjoy today. The beers of those days were probably strong drinks, and made with fruit such as dates and pomegranates, as well as herbs.

Beer has been historically important in many countries around the world, especially in many European countries and those connected to them due to their strong brewing traditions. Many people estimate that Canada became a beer brewing place because grapes were less likely to be grown in the northern regions, which made it difficult to make wine.

The first record of brewing in Canada is from the year 1646, when a Jesuit Brother began brewing in what was then called New France, the French colonies of continental North America. By the 1980s, regional breweries began to grow, offering plenty of choice to the Canadian beer drinker.

The brewing business today in the country has become huge, and the Canadian beer trade is thriving. The aim of Canadian Beer Day is to raise the profile of beer that is made in Canada, bringing brewers together and demonstrating how the industry involves communities and ties to agriculture.

Today, Canada ranks number 20 in the world when it comes to beer consumption per person. Candian Beer Day 2019 was the first event promoting the industry and the plan is to continue it on for many years to come. The first event was held at a brewery in Saskatoon, Canada.

Welcome to Canadian Beer Day!

How to Celebrate Canadian Beer Day

Everyone can join in with celebrating this day, whether you are just someone who likes beer, or you are a brewer or a retailer of beer. Join in on the celebration of the day by trying out some of these tips or by coming up with your own clever ideas:

Try Different Kinds of Canadian Beer

Of course, the best way to join in on the celebrations of this day is to have a Canadian beer! No matter where in the world you find yourself, this is the day to get access to a beer made by the friendly northern North Americans, those delightfully kind Canucks.

Try out one of these beers that Canadians have loved making (and drinking):

  • Molson Canadian. Molson brewery was founded back in 1786, about 80 years before Canada became its own country! It continues to be the oldest brewery in North America, and the second oldest company in Canada.
  • Moosehead Lager. Using only 100% Canadian barley and Spruce spring water, this beer offers a balance between malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness.
  • Great Western Pilsner. Although the Pilsner originated in Europe (Czech Republic), the Canadians at Great Western have taken it to a fine level with this beer that boasts sweet malt tones and a crisp finish.
  • Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale. Don’t be fooled by the “India” in the name as this type of beer has been beloved among Canadians for many years. It’s a pale, blonde beer that has won honors at the Canadian Brewing Awards.

Join a Canadian Beer Day Event

Celebrate Canadian Beer Day by attending a special beer event, which is often held in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. Join in with the celebrations of Canadian beer and learn all about the industry. Check out local pubs and bars, find a nearby beer tasting, go on a brewery tour or just commit to getting together with friends to make a toast to Canadian Beer Day.

Hold a Canadian Beer Day Event

For those who are brewers or those who work in the brewing industry, a great way to join in would be by putting on a special event for Canadian Beer Day. Invite various partners and others in the brewing industry to events to discuss the industry or, even better, open events up to the general public.

Events such as brewery tours, beer tastings or parties and bar nights based around beer are all great ways to appeal to the public and promote Canadian beer to those around the country.

Visit the Canadian Beer Day Website

Get involved in the various beer day happenings, with resources offered by the sponsors of Canadian Beer Day. With almost 150,000 jobs sponsored by the beer industry, including 9,000 wholesale and distribution workers, it’s a great idea for Canadians (and their friends around the world!) to get connected in support of this day. 

Enjoying a beer and sharing it on social media is a great way to spread the word about the day too!

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