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Sometimes I think the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever or wherever I want

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Do you like Sweets? Chocolate, taffy, Sweet and Sour Trolli worms, just to name a few. There is nothing like going to the store and picking up whatever grabs your fancy, and it’s one of the major benefits of being an adult! What’s your favorite candy, one that lifts you up or comforts you? With so many to choose from glass sugar, sweet licorice, and baked goods cookies and bread and puddings it’s possible you haven’t found your favorite yet. There’s not a country in the world that doesn’t have it’s favorite kind of candy that almost everyone finds alluring, comforting or enlivening.

History of Candy Day

In the early 13th century the English borrowed a word from the French who in turn adopted it from the Arabic word “Qandi” meaning “to be made from sugar.” Honey has been a favorite since ancient times. The Egyptians, Arabs and the Chinese used it to make candied fruits which continue to be popular today, including candied ginger and honeyed dates. This also helped with the preservation and ability to store fruits as they traveled. After the Spaniards discovered cocoa, which had been used in South America as an unsweetened drink by the Aztec and Mayans since the late 15th century they began importing it to Europe, where it quickly became popular. While it took until 1847 for the first chocolate bar to be made, chocolate is now one of the world’s favorite candies.

Hard candies became popular until the early nineteenth century, lemon drops and peppermints were favorites. When the candy business took off in the early nineteenth century with the excitement spread like wildfire, candy shops started popping up throughout Europe and the Americas, and the shipping of sugar and cocoa was a big industry during this time. Candy shops and industries sprang up around the idea of making new and better candy. The competition for finding new ways to make the best candy continues still, with companies fiercely guarding their confectionary secrets.

How to Celebrate Candy Day

A great way to celebrate Candy Day is to plan some fun time trying to make candy with your family. If you’re not feeling quite that ambitious, then head out and visit a local store and pick up an assortment of new and familiar candies to liven up your day. Want to make it a full family event? Head over to grandma’s and have her teach you and your children the secret of candy culinary mastery and share it with the whole family! Continue your candy crusade throughout the year by seeking out and trying new types of candy, and there’s no better way to sweeten up a day.