High electricity bills can be solved if you understand how lights work. If your house is filled with incandescent bulbs, then there’s an easy solution. LED lightbulbs conserve energy much better without losing any change in the quality of your lights.

Change a Light Day is all about making impactful change through minor actions, as switching from an incandescent lightbulb to an LED lightbulb can help save energy and money, and ultimately, the environment. 

History of Change a Light Day 

Change a Light Day began back in 2005 in the state of Kentucky, when the Kentucky Office of Energy Policy decided to encourage Govoner Ernie Fletcher and his wife to proclaim this day as Change a Light Day.

The office invited the First Lady Glenna Fletcher to kick off the day, hosting a public event at the governor’s mansion with students from local schools and representatives of Energy Star to celebrate the day.

Throughout the state of Kentucky, people were encouraged to change at least one lightbulb in their home to an Energy Star model to help produce lower electricity rates and save money.

Now, as the holiday is still celebrated to this day, Kentuckians switching to more energy-efficient lightbulbs has helped preserve energy sources and protect the environment. 

LED bulbs use less energy and cut into utility bills, as it produces light with 90% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. By switching from incandescent to LED, it helps reduce carbon emissions, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, contains environmentally safe materials, and has a longer lifespan. Change a Light Day is all about switching at least one light in the house to an LED light.

This holiday isn’t just for the state of Kentucky, but for those who care about the effects that incandescent light bulbs can have in landfills, switching to LED lights can benefit everyone in the end. So, if you care about the environment, begin by changing some lightbulbs in your house for the better. 

How to celebrate Change a Light Day 

Head on over to your local supply store to get an LED lightbulb for your home. Pick whatever place in your house that you think is using up the most energy and switch the lightbulb.

See how your electricity bill changes over the next few months, and if you have saved some money, then congrats! Share this holiday with your friends and colleagues and encourage them to switch to LED lightbulbs. 

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