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Chardonnay Day is a lively celebration dedicated to one of the world’s most beloved white wines. It occurs annually on the Thursday before Memorial Day in the U.S., which in 2024 falls on May 23.

Wine enthusiasts across the globe pause to appreciate the rich diversity and versatility of Chardonnay wines on this day.

Rick Bakas initiated this special occasion to boost spirits and sales in the wine industry following economic downturns.

Chardonnay Day has since become a worldwide event, encouraging both newcomers and connoisseurs to explore the range of styles this grape can produce—from crisp, unoaked versions to rich, creamy, oak-aged varieties.

Why celebrate Chardonnay? It’s not just about enjoying a glass of wine; it’s about recognizing the grape’s adaptability and its significant role in winemaking.

Chardonnay thrives in various climates, and its nuanced flavors reflect the unique characteristics of each region. Whether you’re sipping a glass at home or sharing your favorite bottle on social media, Chardonnay Day offers a perfect excuse to explore and enjoy this popular variety.

History of Chardonnay Day

Chardonnay Day began relatively recently but has quickly gained traction as a global event celebrated by wine lovers everywhere.

It was first established in 2010 by Rick Bakas, a wine and social media expert, as an online event to boost community engagement and sales in the wine industry following the economic downturn.

The date chosen, the Thursday before Memorial Day, cleverly aligns it with National Wine Day celebrations and the festive spirit of the approaching summer season in the United States​.

The growth of Chardonnay Day has been significantly aided by the rise of social media. This allows wine enthusiasts from around the world to share their experiences, photos, and enjoyment of Chardonnay wines, helping to amplify its popularity each year.

The day not only focuses on enjoying Chardonnay but also educates people on its diversity. Depending on the region and production techniques, Chardonnay can range from light and crisp to full-bodied and oak-aged.

Overall, Chardonnay Day serves as a prime example of how a themed celebration can grow through community engagement and social media, turning into a worldwide phenomenon that encourages the exploration and appreciation of one of the most beloved grape varieties in the wine world.

How to Celebrate Chardonnay Day

Host a Chardonnay Chase

Why not organize a “Chardonnay Chase“? Invite friends to a tasting crawl from one local wine bar to another, each offering a different variety of Chardonnay. Make sure everyone rates their favorites!

Channel Your Inner Chef

Get creative in the kitchen by cooking dishes that pair beautifully with Chardonnay. Think creamy seafood pasta or a rich, buttery chicken dish. Cheers and cheese, please!

Sip and Paint

Combine wine tasting with a paint session. As you sip Chardonnay, let its fruity notes inspire your brush strokes. Who knows? This might be where wine meets a masterpiece.

Movie Night with a Twist

Plan a movie marathon featuring films set in famous wine regions. Sip on Chardonnay as you travel from the comfort of your couch. Don’t forget the popcorn seasoned with a hint of white wine vinegar!

Virtual Vineyard Tour

Many wineries offer virtual tours. Sign up for one that specializes in Chardonnay to learn about its production while you sample its goods. It’s educational and interactive, and you won’t need to worry about the drive home!

DIY Wine Tasting

Host a do-it-yourself tasting at home. Ask each guest to bring a bottle of Chardonnay from a different region. Compare notes on each bottle’s profile. May the best region win!

Share the Love Online

Use the power of social media to share your Chardonnay adventures. Post photos share tasting notes, or even go live with a toast! Use hashtags like #ChardonnayDay to connect with other enthusiasts around the globe.

These activities combine a love for Chardonnay with social fun, making the most of this special day dedicated to one of the world’s most popular wines.

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