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5th Mar each year

While cheesy cornmeal snacks can be enjoyed all year round, they are best enjoyed on Cheese Doodle Day. While there are many variations on the snack food, which is made by puffing and baking cornmeal and then coating it with cheese, the most popular are Cheez Doodles. These are produced by Wise Foods, who began selling packets of Cheez Doodles in the 1960s after taking over the family business of Morrie Yohai, inventor of the cheese doodle snack in the 1940s.

Today, 15 million pounds of Cheez Doodles are produced every year, which is equivalent to the weight of 1,000 adult elephants. Sometimes called cheesy puffs, other brands of cheese doodles sold in the USA are Cheetos and Chee-Wees, while in the UK, Wotsits are a form of cheese doodle. Celebrate Cheese Doodle Day by opening a bag of this tasty treat, but expect to end up with fingers coated in bright orange cheese flavouring!

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