Every office has them, the negative Nancy or Doubting Thomas, the one that no matter how the state of the office is improved, always has something negative to say. Then there are those that, no matter how helpful you are or nice anyone is to them, they’ll just snip your head off and hand it back to you on a plate.

Cranky Co-Worker Day is the perfect opportunity to just let it all out, and maybe give yourself a break from the sunshine and coconuts attitude you tend to carry around with you. Sometimes its worth it to just stop being a nice person for a day, and grumble at everyone and everything. Cranky Co-Workers day celebrates that little dose of freedom.

How to Celebrate Cranky Co-Workers Day

The act of celebrating Cranky Co-Workers day is best done through inaction. Don’t try to cheer up your cranky co-workers, don’t deride them for their behaviors and their thought-patterns. Instead, allow them the space to be cranky, leave the alone if that’s what they profess to prefer, or be the target for their cranky ways.

You can also celebrate your curmudgeonly co-workers by sending them angry cat memes, and generally celebrating being a complete grump. You could even grump along with them, complaining about things that annoy you and just essentially letting out your inner dour personality. When was the last thing you let yourself be cranky, and to voice your thoughts about something that annoyed you?

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