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Every office has them; the Negative Nancy or Doubting Daniel — the one who no matter how much the state of the office is improved, always has something negative to say. Then there are those who, no matter how helpful someone is or how nice anyone can be to them, they’ll just snip their head off and hand it back to them on a plate.

History of Cranky Coworkers Day

Ever since people began working together, there has always been the risk that one of them would turn out to be rather disagreeable or even somewhat cantankerous. And while most days of the year, these irritable colleagues might be too much to handle, this is the day that they are celebrated, even if it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, because it is time for Cranky Coworkers Day!

Cranky Coworkers Day was founded by the folks over at WellCat Holidays, Ruth and Thomas Roy. If the name Thomas Roy sounds familiar, he’s also an American film and television actor who may be recognizable by his voice and radio acting. The day has been going on for several years now and continues to grow in popularity as it is celebrated by goofballs and colleagues everywhere.

Other related holidays that be enjoyed along this theme include National Grouch Day on October 15 or National Do a Grouch a Favor Day that is celebrated in February. 

How to Celebrate Cranky Coworkers Day

Since this day is celebrated in a rather ironic manner, it’s fun to engage in some delightful and silly antics that poke fun. Get involved with Cranky Coworkers Day by observing and honoring the day with some of these ideas:

Go Ahead and Get Cranky

Cranky Coworkers Day is the perfect opportunity to just let it all out, and maybe give yourself a break from the sunshine and coconuts attitude you tend to carry around with you. Sometimes it’s worth it to just stop being a nice person for a day, and grumble at everyone and everything. Cranky Coworkers Day celebrates that little dose of freedom.

Or, for those who don’t feel like being grumpy and grouchy, Cranky Coworkers Day offers a delightful opportunity to try to cheer up that difficult colleague. Show them some love and kill them with kindness to see if it can make at least a little bit of a difference in their demeanor!

Watch Some Cranky Coworker Shows

Enjoy giving some honor to Cranky Coworkers Day by watching some workplace comedies or other films that feature some cranky characters, including some of these:

  • The Office. Stanley Hudson, played by Leslie David Baker, offers a glimpse into the work life of a disgruntled paper salesman.
  • Parks and Recreation. April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) might be the first pick for the grouchy and sarcastic coworker in this sitcom, but Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) gives her a run for her money with his gruff attitude.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On this sitcom set in a police station, Detective Rosa Diaz may qualify as the crankiest, although Captain Raymond Holt certainly has his moments of being gruff and grouchy.
  • A Christmas Carol. Who could be a crankier coworker than Ebenezer Scrooge? His name is literally synonymous with someone who is grouchy and hateful.

Do Nothing for Cranky Coworkers Day

Some people think that the act of celebrating Cranky Coworkers Day is best done through inaction. Don’t try to cheer up your cranky coworkers, don’t deride them for their behaviors and their thought-patterns. Instead, allow them the space to be cranky, leave them alone if that’s what they profess to prefer, or be the target for their cranky ways.

Of course it would also be possible to celebrate those curmudgeonly coworkers by sending them angry cat memes, and generally enjoying the day by being a complete grump. You could even grump along with them, complaining about things that are annoying and just essentially letting out that inner dour personality. After all, when was the last time you let yourself be cranky, and to voice your thoughts about something that annoyed you?

Learn Some Skills to Deal with Cranky Coworkers

Check out these helpful tips for dealing with a Grouchy Gus at work:

  • Limit interactions with an irritable person.
  • Don’t try to change or fix them, just accept their personality and move on.
  • Be aware of your own triggers and be willing to allow yourself time to de-escalate a difficult situation.

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