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Never underestimate the power and importance of creativity in your life, or in business for that matter. While sometimes doing what’s familiar work best, it’s important to remember that thinking outside the box is just as important (if not more important) than simply following established procedure. After all, new problems require new solutions, and in fields like various forms of media and design, creativity is paramount to success.

Yet creativity is an attribute that is all too often under appreciated and that is unfortunate. The academic system, as it exists, often stifles creativity. This stifling continues into adulthood and not everyone can break free of those self-imposed limits upon their creativity so easily. Some can, and are considered visionaries, but not everyone can. So it’s essential to recognise just how important creativity is in all fields.

History of International Creativity Month

International Creativity Month was created by Randall Munson, though we’re less certain about just when he came up with the idea. Some of us work every day in fields that require us to be creative. Thus they’ll have little problem observing International Creativity Month even without consciously doing anything. But not everyone an artist, a graphic designer, a writer, or works in any other creative field.

Perhaps your office employs people who are and you should definitely acknowledge their creativity during International Creativity Month. Now, let’s say you’re in a management position: In that case, you can not only acknowledge your creative staff, but also hold workshops and seminars on creativity. It’s true that not everyone is an artist or a designer or a musician, but it’s also true that everyone could benefit from a bit more creativity in their life.

How to celebrate International Creativity Month

While International Creativity Month may not always be observed simultaneously throughout the world, the way it’s celebrated is fairly consistent. In addition to acknowledging people who work in different creative industries, the month is used to showcase how various creative and cultural infrastructures provide new ideas and address challenges across different sectors.

Quite simply, a bit of creativity can solve many problems. It’s just as good to acknowledge all of those folks who think outside of the box as it is to think outside of the box yourself. International Creativity Month is about celebrating those visionaries as well as inspiring yourself, and seeing what you can produce to celebrate your own internal creativity. So get out there and be creative!

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