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Like calling round to a friend’s house for a cup of tea and discovering they’re having a party or noticing it’s their birthday on Facebook and belatedly adding your best wishes, Creativity Month invites everyone to join in guilt-free. Launched by renowned business mentor and motivational speaker Randall Munson, it seeks to make the home and the workplace a more creative space for an entire month.

Author of Creativity 101 and Creativity 102, Munson is a huge advocate for the power of creativity as a force for progress. In fact, amongst other things, he’s sure it can help you “blast through your barriers”. Now if that isn’t a good reason to resurrect your high school poetry obsession we don’t know what is!

The chances are you’re not too far from the creative realm anyway, you just might not always have time to relentlessly consider the lily or crank up your potter’s wheel. Therefore, why not honour Creativity Month by making more of an effort to support the arts in your area or on a personal level. Go to the theatre, attend a concert or visit a gallery. Dust off your guitar or your watercolour easel. Letting your creative juices flow will always remind you of the value of thinking outside the box in everyday life.

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