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A cupcake is like a great pop song. The whole world in less than three minutes. And it’s impossible to have a bad cupcake… I’m always looking, always on the eternal search for the perfect cupcake. I take them very seriously.

Aurel Nakadate

Laurel, it would be impossible to agree more!

Cupcakes are truly the little hand-sized delights of the confectionery world, coming in as many variations as the imagination can dream up. Topped with everything from sprinkles to frosting to candies, cupcakes are absolutely delightful!

National Cupcake Day is a sign that it’s time to enjoy one of the world’s most delightful treats, the cupcake.

It’s like heaven in just a few bites.

History of National Cupcake Day

Cupcakes, surprisingly, haven’t been around as long as most people might suspect. That isn’t to say that they don’t have a long and respectable history. Cupcakes were first unofficially invented in 1796 when Amelia Simmons published a recipe for “a light cake to bake in small cups” in American Cookery. But it wasn’t until 1828 that these little beauties would come to be known as ‘cupcakes’, a term coined by Eliza Leslie’s cookbook recipes.

Back in the early days of cupcakedom, these delights were made in distinguished ceramic cups. In fact, a happy little remnant of this practice can be found in the modern ‘mug cake’, where a ceramic mug is filled with ingredients and placed in a microwave to create a quick and moist cake. Of course, things have advanced a bit since the days of cups of heavy pottery, and these days it is super easy to find cupcake “pans” made of everything from stainless steel to silicone rubber, each with their own advantages.

However they are prepared, cupcakes are sure to be a hit at every venue. There are even gluten-free and vegan varieties of these cakes for those who are on restrictive diets. While these options may not sound immediately appetizing, rest assured that some of these recipes are positively taste-bud-blowing.

It’s time to celebrate National Cupcake Day!

How To Celebrate National Cupcake Day

Celebrating National Cupcake Day has everything to do with making, eating and wholeheartedly enjoying all things that have to do with cupcakes. Try out these fun ideas:

Make Themed Cupcakes

One great way to celebrate National Cupcake Day is to produce a delicious version of cupcakes from scratch, using creativity and flair to create a style of cupcake that is personally unique.

Science organizations at schools and colleges are particularly fond of making a ‘periodic table of cupcakes’, each of them marked with the atomic number and abbreviation of an element.The possibilities are limitless with the tantalizing desserts that are cupcakes!

Have Fun Decorating Cupcakes

Cupcakes can be as simple and easy or as extravagant as desired, which is one thing that is so great about them. To make this day different from any other average day, try these creative ideas that can really make these cupcakes special:

  • Add sprinkles. Not only to the top but also add sprinkles to the raw batter before baking. This can make cupcakes a lot more fun in a simple, colorful way.
  • Add a filling! Just make a bit of extra frosting in the same flavor or even a different flavor. After the cupcakes are baked, scoop a small amount of the center of the cupcake and fill it with frosting, then frost the top.This is an easy way to add a surprise for whoever takes the first bite.
  • Try new frosting designs. This small change makes the cupcake look totally different! Instead of just spreading on icing with a knife, using a piping bag and different shaped tips can really bump up the quality and look of cupcakes, with minimal added effort.

Host a National Cupcake Day Party

Another way to celebrate is to have a party. Inviting friends and family over for some delicious cupcakes and fun cupcake-related crafts can be super fun!

Having a “cupcake bar” is a great way to start. Go ahead and premake a bunch of cupcakes. It might even be fun to try out some different flavors, but leave them plain and undecorated.

Then, at the party, bring out a bunch of different colors of icing and sprinkles, then let people design their own custom cupcakes. Mini cupcakes are also a great addition to this activity. Or, for a different take on the day, making a normal sized cake that looks like a giant cupcake is a fun idea as well.

Visit a Cupcake Bakery

If sitting at someone’s house for a cupcake party doesn’t seem exciting enough, there are plenty of cupcake bakeries that need to be visited! Here are some examples from around the world, offering delicious treats. Take a trip to visit these or try finding one in a local neighborhood:

  • Two Little Red Hens located in New York, USA. Two Little Red Hens has some great options including different seasonal options, like pumpkin spice for autumn months.
  • The Hummingbird Bakery located in London, England. This bakery is a good choice for people with dietary requirements like gluten or dairy intolerances, as well as egg free and vegan options.
  • Cuppin’s located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Cuppin’s is also located in Terrassiere and Philosphes, Switzerland. They have lots of different cupcake options, including “themed party” options.
  • Bluebells Cakery located in Auckland, New Zealand. Bluebells Cakery has a ton of options including customized cupcakes along with other customizable baked goods. They also do prepare cupcakes for weddings and parties!

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