Peaches and cream – can you think of a more iconic pairing? We’ll wait.

When it comes to fruit and cream dishes, many will think of peaches and cream right away – the time-honored combo of the sweet, soft fruit with the light and indulgent dairy treat is one of the most widely-eaten fruity desserts.

Like many other fruit and cream combos, it often gets eaten when the weather is hot as its own standalone treat, but some restaurants do serve it as a dessert to perfectly round off a heavy meal.

Because every great dish needs its own day of recognition, we aren’t surprised that this classic dish has got its own day too!

History of Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day

This simple dessert is especially popular in the South of the United States of America, but it is eaten all the world round – especially in the summer months.

It is usually served up with whipped cream alongside the peaches, but it can be found served with hearty scoops of ice cream or slathered in single cream depending on where you choose to order it.

Because it’s such a popular and well-known flavor, you will often find sweets and syrups with the peaches and cream taste. The dish has also given the name to many popular songs throughout the ages.

Raise your dessert game with these tips and tricks!

How to celebrate Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day

Get creative in the kitchen today and rustle up some peaches and cream for yourself or for friends and family!

It tastes best if you use fresh peaches, peeled and with their stones removed. Slice them up and serve them with fresh whipped cream, or ice cream if you prefer. You could also get super indulgent and serve them up with clotted cream.

Try them on freshly toasted waffles, or perhaps you could squeeze them between slices of donut for an easy to eat treat?

You could also try making a peaches and cream milkshake, simply by blending up fresh peaches with good quality vanilla ice cream. You could add a dash of malt powder for an extra malty taste, or a small spoon or two of chocolate powder just to add a little something special.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could add a dash of malt powder for an extra malty taste, or a small spoon or two of chocolate powder just to add a little something special.

Whatever you end up making, be sure to share your tasty creations on social media!

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