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Department stores have become the powerhouses of the world’s economy, combining multiple types of resources into one easily navigable store. Rather than having to go to multiple small specialty stores, you can get everything you need in one place, and that’s the magic of Department Stores. Department Store Day is a day to recognize the contributions these places have made to the world’s shopping culture.

Learn about Department Store Day

Department Store Day is a day that encourages us to think about how the innovations in department stores have had an impact on the way in which we shop and go about our daily lives. Department stores have been in existence since the early 19th century. Today, they contain a wide range of different shops, as well as plush seating, elevators, escalators, and food places as well. It is all about providing the full shopping experience. Department stores make shopping an enjoyable activity, rather than simply being a necessity.

To understand why we need a Department Store Day, it is worth thinking about the different reasons why we love department stores so much! They hold a special place in the heart of the consumer, and there are a number of reasons why this is the case. As touched upon, you can make a day of it. It’s fun and relaxing. Also, where else can you buy everything from a strapless bra, to a dog collar, to a Lego set? Shopping is made easy and convenient. Everything you could possibly need is under the one roof!

A lot of people also love nothing more than heading to a department store during the festive period so that they can look at the beautiful Christmas window displays. Department store window displays have become big business, and a lot of retailers strive to outdo one and other. It is always amazing to see what creative masterpieces they have come up with. Plus, you can finish off your day with a bite to eat at one of the many on-site eateries. From fast food joints to pizzerias and organic cafes, you will find a whole host of different food places at most department stores as well.

Oh, and the list goes on, and on, and on… I mean, there are toilets on every floor! Where else can you go shopping and not have to worry about finding a WC when duty calls? You can also come out of the department store smelling nicer than when you went in thanks to the numerous tester bottles that are on display. Plus, if you hate gift-wrapping, you can even get your items wrapped for you while you’re there. Like we said, everything you need is under the one roof, and so we are definitely on board with celebrating department stores!

History of Department Store Day

Department Store Day was established to occur on the 16th of October every year, established to recognize the great benefits they have brought to our lives. Some of the most memorable features of Department Stores were their use as a social location. There was a tradition of having a large clock on the front of the stores, often in an elaborate mounting. Here was a common place for people to meet and share the news of the day and catch up on the happenings within their increasingly busy days.

Names like Pomeroy’s, Woodward & Lothrop, Macy’s, and more have become household words as the source of culture and comfort in the home. These stores became institutions of shopping ease, with multiple departments handling everything from household appliances to men’s and women’s clothing.

How to celebrate Department Store Day

Celebrating Department Store Day is a piece of cake, simply stop by your local department stores and take advantage of the ease of shopping they’ve brought to your life. Take some time to appreciate the employees as well, thanking them for the convenience these big box stores have brought to your life.

You can also spend some time researching the history of Department stores, it’s rather fascinating and has brought about institutions like the Macy’s Day parade that are some of the most major festivities in certain cities. You’ll also be able to learn how department stores were responsible for some institutions that we now take for granted, like the rise of Santa Claus and his reindeer. The history of these stores and their effect on modern culture is fascinating!

You can also spend some time researching some of the world’s best department stores. If you are a lover of department stores, you may even want to create your own bucket list of them! You have everything from Harrods in London to La Rinascente in Florence, Detsky Mir in Moscow, Le Bon Marche in Paris, Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele in Milano, and much more. Some of these department stores are like a work of art in terms of decor and architecture, and they boast some of the most incredible shops inside, with attentive staff members who greet you with respect and a smile. Sheer heaven!

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