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Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston S. Churchill

Whether in a season of success or failure, whether struggling with difficulties, overcoming the odds, or living your best life, Do Something Day brings with a myriad of opportunities to stay encouraged, look up and keep moving forward to live out your dreams!

History of Do Something Day

This day is also known as “March Forth and Do Something Day.” Since the name of the day is also a command, it’s only natural that this would be a time to celebrate what it means to move forward in life. The ultimate play on words, March Fourth simply becomes “March Forth” and these hours become all about encouragement, motivation and perseverance.

At times it can be easy to get a little stuck in life. Whether it’s working at a dead-end job, staying in a negative relationship or simply letting old, unhealthy habits get the best of you. Do Something Day is about getting unstuck from the old ways of doing things and taking a step forward toward a new and exciting future.

Perfectly positioned toward the end of the winter months, Do Something Day lets people look beyond the dark and dreary winter and take some moments to consider the fruitfulness of the coming season. This is an attitude that works great when employed every day, but is particularly relevant when applied to the community on Do Something Day!

How to Celebrate Do Something Day

Do Something Day is a great day to celebrate all of the ways it is possible to move forward in life. Have a blast celebrating the day with some of these ideas:

Do Something Productive

The essence of Do Something Day might be taken literally, like getting off the couch and marching out into the world to go for a walk. Or it might be taken more figuratively, like setting aside some time to take stock of life, make some plans for the future, and leave behind those things that are holding you back. Get out a notebook, do some soul searching, write down ideas and dreams, and then make a plan to accomplish a goal!

See a Life Coach

Some people who feel stuck can benefit from the help that is provided when a person acts as a life coach for them. Make an appointment with a life coach, whether online or in person and allow them to help refine dreams, set goals, and figure out how to go about accomplishing the steps that will help you Do Something Day into the future!

Encourage Someone Else

Maybe it’s a coworker who is feeling stuck in their position at work. Perhaps it is a student who is unsure how to move forward into the future. Or maybe it’s a neighbor who is just not feeling motivated. In any case, random acts of kindness and encouragement might be just what is needed to help friends, family members or others in the community to Do Something Day with their lives. Send a card, write a note or simply speak some words of encouragement in support and celebration of the day.

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