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Donald Duck is one of the most iconic characters of the Disney franchise and has, for multiple generations, been one of the hallmarks of childhood and innocence. Also, of rage driven spite filled incoherent rambling while spraying the area around you like a sprinkler in high summer. There was something in his tendency to fly completely off the handle and rail at the slightest provocation that touched a part of us all. Everyone had times when they’ve just had enough, and Donald gave us the perfect way to respond. By raging incoherently while stamping our feet. It pays to lose your cool once in a while.

Donald Duck may spark a plethora of childhood memories too, the unique voice known as pseudobulbar dysarthria may resonate in your mind and take you back to the old age times where you were tried and tried to emulate that voice with your friends, perhaps you still do! 😉 He certainly does deserve to be celebrated and there is at least seventy years of joy that this duck has brought to the world, what is your first memory of Donald Duck?

History of National Donald Duck Day

Donald first appeared to us in a 1934 film called The Wise Little Hen, a retelling of the original little red hen story. Throughout Donald is repeatedly asked to help plant the corn, and harvest the corn, each time finding him claiming some form of ailment that prevents him from participating. If you’ve seen this episode or read The Little Red Hen. Unlike that parable, The Wise Little Hen took a more direct approach to showing her displeasure. She told Donald she’d cure him of his ailment so he could eat the corn… and gave him castor oil.

While that was his first appearance, the angry rage filled Donald we came to know and love didn’t really show up until Orphan’s Benefit, and it was also then that his relationship with Mickey was formed. Since then he has gone on to appear in video games, episodes of cartoons, and stands out as the Disney character who has appeared in the most films to date, outstripping even Disney Mascot Mickey Mouse. Apparently, there’s something about a rage-filled duck we just can’t get enough of.

Donald Duck is a character that we still see popping up everywhere, and yes, he is still one of the beloved characters that we see waddling around at Disneyworld. This lovable duck has carved a special place in our hearts and he is certainly a character that we will never forget. His iconic yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet and his famous sailor shirt and cap with a bow tie has been a beacon of innocence for children everywhere. Let’s not forget though, that Disney characters and movies become even more appealing to adults, once we are old enough to grasp the actual intentions of the stories and the morals behind them, it makes them even more wonderful.

Donald Duck has also made history, yes that’s right, this duck is not just any duck, he was named in TV Guide‘s list of the 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time! Now that’s quite a big achievement for a little duck, isn’t it? We sure think so!

How to celebrate National Donald Duck Day

Donald Duck had some very specific characteristics, and celebrating Donald Duck day provides you with an opportunity to embrace your inner angry waterfowl. Dress in blue and gold to commemorate everyone’s favorite duck, and add just a splash of red to round it out. When people ask you questions, respond with the partially-legible quack that is Donald’s claim to fame and, whenever possible, fly into a comedic and harmless incoherent rage cussing out everything you loathe in a voice that no one can understand. People may look at you funny but, one of the great things about being Donald for a day is, you don’t have to care. Take a leaf out of Donald’s book and be bold, bright and enjoy the day! Afterall, that’s all we can do anyway isn’t it?

If you are able, you have to go see this mastermind in the flesh so to speak and plan a trip to Disney! Now is the time to take advantage of your booked up holidays and surprise the kids with a trip to see Donald! But if this isn’t an option, the best way to really celebrate dear old Donald, is to watch some of his old movies! He’s popped up in quite a few animations over the years! No doubt hearing his quack and voice will remind you of the days of old, when life was simple and we recorded on VHS. Oh those were the days, weren’t they?!

Another way to celebrate Donald Duck day is to re-read any stories that he’s been mentioned in over the years, his most famous one, of course, is Lost In The Andes and The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck! These books will be worth a fortune one day, and many are collector’s items, perhaps you already have some books stashed away deep in the depths of your cobwebby attic or perhaps in a box that was stashed in the basement in 1970. It will certainly inspire a spring clean around the house to see if you have any type of Donald Duck paraphernalia that will allow you to really embrace and celebrate the life and career of the well-loved Donald Duck! 

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