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English Tourism Week is the perfect week to enjoy an enchanting voyage through England’s green pastures and storied byways.

This event, a celebration of all that’s so beautiful about England, welcomes you. England holds a famous amount of charm for season globe-trotters and first-time visitors alike.

This special week opens a window to the heart and soul of England, inviting you to savor its rich cultural and natural splendors.

History of English Tourism Week

English Tourism Week has deep international roots. The week-long celebration connects to a larger, global appreciation of tourism.

It draws its initial inspiration from the establishment of World Tourism Day by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 1980. That day was decreed as one dedicated to the global significance of tourism. 

English Tourism Week has become a distinctive national observance under the leadership of VisitBritain. It transcends mere celebration, evolving into a platform that clearly illustrates the key role of tourism in enriching the UK’s economy and culture.

The evolution of English Tourism Week mirrors the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of the tourism industry.

Each year, the event adapts and adopts new themes. These range from addressing current trends and issues—from the sustainability of travel practices to digital advances in tourism. The annual themes speak to the week’s significance and reinforce England’s dedication to a flourishing tourism sector.

English Tourism Week is an emblem of England’s diverse tourism industry. But it’s also important in reflecting the nation’s historical richness and contemporary dynamism. It invites locals and visitors alike to engage with and appreciate the many facets of English tourism.

How to Celebrate English Tourism Week

Here are some creative and engaging ways to make the most of English Tourism Week:

Discover Local Gems During English Tourism Week

Many are often surprised to learn how the most enchanting places are just around the corner. Visit a local historic site or a quaint village, where you will surely learn something new about the nation.

Or, take the time to visit a natural reserve you’ve never been to before. You will be delighted at the local wonders you might discover.

Engaging in Cultural Activities

English Tourism Week is a perfect time to immerse yourself in the local cultural scene. Try making museum visits or attending art gallery exhibitions. For example, Surrey offers a range of activities, including food and drink and a thriving arts and crafts scene​​.

Celebrate English Hospitality

Check out the local hospitality scene. Each region has a distinct flavor. Pubs, tea rooms, or restaurants can offer you tasty dishes that tell stories of their regional history and heritage.

Participate in Events and Workshops

Keep an eye open for special events or workshops during English Tourism Week. Such events are terrific for learning more about the local area. For example, you may find historical discussions or hand-made local crafting demonstrations.

Promote English Tourism Week on Social Media

Share your experiences during English Tourism Week on social media. Be sure to insert the correct hashtags, like #EnglishTourismWeek. Your stories can inspire others to explore and appreciate the country’s national identity.

Support Local Businesses

Small business is the backbone of the UK’s economy. Supporting local businesses is a generous way to celebrate.

So, seek goods from an artisan’s shop or visit local farms. Buy local produce, crafts, and products this week. You will contribute to the local economy and take a piece of England home with you.

Plan a Staycation Adventure

If you’re a local, why not become a tourist in your own country? For instance, you might enjoy a stay in a charming bed and breakfast in Derbyshire or book a room at a boutique hotel. Play tourist and rediscover the wonders of your region.

As English Tourism Week gets underway, embrace the spirit of adventure and discovery. Whether you look at the country through the lens of history, the flavors of the local cuisine, or the beauty of the landscapes, there can be a takeaway for everyone who enjoys this enchanting week.

Remember, every corner of England has a story to tell. And this week is your invitation to be part of that story.

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