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A guilty conscience needs to confess.

Albert Camus

Confession, it is said, is good for the soul. However, nowhere does it say that the confession has to be true! False Confession Day is your opportunity to tell an absolute whammy, a huge joke, a serious falsehood or—our favorite—a truth disguised as a lie. If you like making things up that will make your friends head spin if they’ve always thought you were sweet and innocent or maybe they even thought you were erudite and wise, False Confession Day is your chance to turn that idea on its head with a confession! A false confession.

History of False Confession Day

There was a day when someone decided that they needed to confess something, to unburden their hearts at last and set the truth of their self-free. That wasn’t this holiday. This holiday is made for pranksters, for those who maybe want to know what their friends and coworkers think of them. Perhaps it’s a day for those who face the world with everyone knowing what to expect of them, and maybe they feel just a little boring. Wherever you fall, False Confession Day is your chance to blow their minds by telling them a little story that’s false and calling it a confession.

False Confessions have many purposes, but most of the time their primary goal is to shock and awe those you confess to. You can use it to find the truth in what others think of you by telling them something about yourself that, while patently false, may be widely believed. Their response will reveal everything you need to know about what they think. Maybe you want to spice up a strangers day by confessing something shocking to them, and that will leave them thinking the rest of the day.

How to celebrate False Confession Day

False Confession Day is best celebrated by spending some time in meditation on precisely what you’d like to confess, falsely, to someone else. This holiday is a great opportunity to spread shock and discontent, but more importantly, it can be a great opportunity to reveal the inner workings of your mind. Sit down and start making false confessions to yourself, write them down on a piece of paper, speak them out loud, sing them into the air. Every confession you make will begin to cycle around a central truth that is, perhaps, the real confession you want to make to the world. Take it seriously, or have a great amount of fun with it, it’s up to you!

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