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The crackle of electricity, and the patter of rain drops on the stone walls and terracotta roof give an eerie feeling when combined with the dank laboratory that houses various experiments. Give yourself a bit of liquid courage, and step forward to embrace a little bit of darkness in Frankenstein Day.

History of Frankenstein Day

Despite the gloomy weather and almost horrific atmosphere, the experiment comes to life after bolt of lightning is directed through the body of the stitched together cadaver. This experiment was done to imbue life into the cadaver, and worked. Dr Frankenstein, with his knowledge of chemistry and other sciences, created an unknown method to give life to matter that was not living before. This is the first stepping stone to his creating the monster that is called Frankenstein, despite it being referred to in the book as just the Creature. However, on the creation of the creature, the good Doctor Frankenstein is repulsed by his creation, and banishes it as he himself flees.

During the course of the novel, the Creature wanders, learns to read, write and speak rather well, learning while hiding near a cottage in the woods from overhearing the speech and reading from some books it had found in the woods. After befriending the blind father of those in the cottage, it is introduced to the family and after being rejected again, it burns the cottage in a fit of rage.

Seeking out the doctor, it finds him, and demands that he make it a bride as it deserves happiness. After assembling the laboratory and a bride for the Creature, Dr Frankenstein destroys the body when he sees the creature watching in a window. Enraged, the creature tells the doctor that he will be there on his wedding night. Fleeing the area, Dr Frankenstein meets up with his intended, and Frankenstein makes plans to defend himself and his betrothed from the creature. Having her stay in their room, he goes out to deal with the creature, only to look up to the window and be mocked with the corpse of his wife.

How to celebrate Frankenstein Day

Sit down and enjoy the original Mary Shelley tale. A strong book with science fiction and horror aspects, along with some romance and action. Maybe sit and try to understand why the Creature did what it did, and if you would have done the same. Or maybe, dress up as the Creature and see how many folks you could get scared at the visage of you wandering around.