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“Work” and “Fun” are two words that most people would not typically expect to find together in any situation, but this certainly doesn’t have to be the way it is! Those people who have bright spirits and a dedication to keeping their lives joyful and full of light can find ways to make anything fun. Even work!

In fact, work can be a very satisfying part of life. Even if it’s just enjoying time with coworkers throughout the day so that work isn’t such a grind, this is a great day to be more intentional about having loads of fun. National Fun At Work Day is dedicated to celebrating the large number of hours that are spent at work and those who find ways to make it enjoyable every day.

History of National Fun At Work Day

Keeping things fun while at work has been something that people have striven to accomplish for some time–perhaps for as long as people have been going to work. There are countless ways that people have accomplished this task throughout the centuries, with some of the most well-known ways being work songs.

Work songs have served multiple purposes. Some work songs were just used for keeping people working and enjoying themselves while they performed their tasks. Others, like Sea Shanties, actually have a functional purpose that involves keeping people in time while working together to haul cargo, raise sails, or perform other tasks in rhythm.

Modern methods of having fun at work have changed over the years, but the goal is still the same. Employers want their workers to keep their morale up and workers want the time to pass more quickly. High morale helps to boost productivity and make the workday not go by so slowly.

The methods used to keep people having a good time at work in modern times have included creative ideas such as company retreats, squirt gun battles or, at companies like Microsoft or Google, sudden outbreaks of Nerf Gun battles! Even big companies have found that the benefit of keeping employee morale in good shape is helping them to run a clean and efficient business.

The fact that National Fun at Work Day falls on a Friday afternoon at the end of January is probably no coincidence. These weeks in the middle of winter, falling after the holiday rush, can sometimes be dark and difficult to get through so a little bit of fun is just what is needed.

In fact, estimates by the American Psychological Association have revealed that stress may cost US employers up to $300 billion a year. So there are good bottom-line reasons for employers to acknowledge and observe this important day:

Now it’s time to Celebrate Fun at Work Day!

How to Celebrate National Fun At Work Day

Celebrating National Fun At Work Day is an opportunity for everyone to turn their work into a place they anticipate being. Try out some of these ideas to get started in acknowledging and enjoying this day:

Play Games with Coworkers

Enjoying your work when you’ve been doing the same thing day in and day out for years can be tricky, but playing games with your coworkers can be a good way to keep it fresh.

  • Get someone to organize a Scavenger Hunt where players run around the office looking for items like paper clips, a ticket stub, a funny coffee mug or keys to a sports car.
  • Arrange for a Fun at Work Bingo Game where the people have to find someone who meets the requirements on the card, such as “owned a pet snake”, “is double jointed”, or “has met a celebrity”.
  • For those with a boss who is super cool, get the employees together and head to an escape room. It’s a fun way to enjoy the day and also participate in team building.

Wear Costumes to Work

Even if there’s too much work to do to take time to play games, National Fun at Work Day is the perfect excuse to dress up in fun costumes. Don a silly hat, wear a weird pair of suspenders, get out that crazy Hawaiian shirt, or go all out and put on a full costume to keep people laughing. Just because it’s a work day doesn’t mean people can’t have fun while they are busy being productive.

Host a Trivia Hour at Lunch

For those who find fun in knowing all of the answers, this might be a great day to have a trivia contest in the ‘pub quiz’ style. Get people together in teams of three to five people, have an emcee who asks the questions, and see who wins. The most important part, of course, is that everyone involved has fun!

Make a Fun Committee

The best employers will keep the fun happening all year round! But this would be the perfect day to recruit a few people to create a fun committee. This will build rapport among team members and help keep staff happy all throughout the work week and year.

Clear Those Fun Plans with the Boss

Encourage your employer to have a barbecue, to plan games or team activities, or to form a committee to find ways to help relieve the boredom of work, not just on this day, but all throughout the year. Whatever you do during National Fun At Work Day be sure that you pass it through management so everyone is on board and has fun. After all, National Fun At Work Day isn’t called ‘Get Fired For Having Fun Day’!

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