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Is there anything more relaxing than a well-appointed garden? The quiet trickle of a water feature, the buzz of insects pollinating your flowers, the chirping of birds in the trees, there’s little that feels so much like a slice of paradise. So what better place to settle in and relax and spend some time meditating on things in your life?

Being so close to thriving life and nature, gardens make a perfect place to seek an inner spiritual and connection with the world around us. National Garden Meditation Day encourages us to take time to truly enjoy our gardens (or those of others) with a little soul-searching and peaceful meditation.

History of National Garden Meditation Day

National Garden Meditation Day was developed by C.L., otherwise known as the Garden Lady over at She has had a lifelong dedication to the wonders of the plant world and the wonderful places we can make in our home with gardens. She believes that gardens can help connect us to ourselves, the natural world, and each other in deep and moving ways. So it was that she decided to set up an entire month of holidays celebrating her passion, gardens!

Gardens have a long history, being found in every country and time period around the world. Throughout this time they’ve served many purposes, from simple backyard gardens that serve as combination retreats and small food gardens, to expansive complex gardens set to exacting designs known as ‘formal gardens’. These latter were preferred by the rich and important as lavish displays of their power, and likely as retreats from the difficult and harrowing life that came with being part of the aristocracy.

National Garden Meditation Day encourages us to get out and enjoy these little sacred spaces by spending some time with the sacred within us through meditation.

How to celebrate National Garden Meditation Day

Celebrating National Garden Meditation Day may be one of the most relaxing and fulfilling practices of your entire year. Meditation has a long history as a way to calm our minds and spirits, and meditation in a garden really connects you with nature and mankind simultaneously. You can either go into the garden for a private moment of self-introspection, or you can join others in organized public garden meditations all over the world. Wanting to spread the love of gardening and maybe show off your garden a little? You can organize a meditation in your very own garden and invite friends and family to come join you for a day of relaxation and soul-searching.

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