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Most of us rather like our cats to have a streak of wickedness. I should not feel quite easy in the company of any cat that walked about the house with a saintly expression.

Beverly Nichols

There’s nothing quite like having a furry footed feline friend bombing around the house and being the best buddy a person can ask for.

Dogs may be man’s best friend for some, but cats are our bosom companions, even if they can be aloof and contrary. For many people, that just makes them that much more interesting!

And the best of all cats? While admittedly biased, many people would say that the best cats are the orange furred balls of love that are Ginger Cats.

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is here!

History of Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Cats have been part of the human experience nearly as long as dogs, and have served as important a role in people’s lives as have those canine companions.

Historically speaking, before becoming house pets, it is likely that cats started living alongside humans as a matter of mutual convenience, particularly as agricultural pursuits created a perfect environment for vermin, such as mice, to gather.

These vermin also happened to comprise one of the primary food sources of the soon to be domesticated feline, and so it was convenient for them to hang around. Having become accustomed to the presence of people, they soon moved into their homes while continuing their jobs as vermin hunters and helping to prevent the spread of disease and insect pests there.

Today, many cats still seem to function in these roles, but they are also the closest and most loving companions many of us can have, even if they do get a bit cantankerous from time to time!

When they aren’t lying about being the most adorable cuddle puffs that can be imagined, they are often busy sneaking about the house and engaging in their strange but wondrous feline behavior.

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day celebrates the most glorious of the feline companions, the ginger cat!

How to Celebrate Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Spend Time with a Ginger Cat

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is best celebrated by spending time with that favorite four footed feline friend! Has it been a while since you’ve had quality time to spend alone with them? Of course some, more aloof cats, will be happy to have that appreciation from afar and will leave the room as soon as a human enters!

Learn Interesting Facts About Ginger Cats

Ginger Cats are a unique version of cats that come with some unique and interesting tidbits. Share these on Ginger Cat Appreciation Day to impress friends and entertain cat lovers all around:

  • Ginger cats’ coats come in five different varieties. These include the classic swirl pattern, the striped ‘mackerel’ pattern, the spotted pattern, the patched pattern or the ticked pattern.
  • All ginger cats are actually “tabby” cats, meaning that they have the agouti gene. However, not all tabby cats are orange or ginger in color. Ginger cats are also often referred to as “tiger” cats which is, of course, because they have a similar looking coat and color to their larger cousin, the tiger.
  • Most ginger cats are male. Apparently, the ‘ginger gene’ which produces that orange color, exists on the X chromosome. In order for females to be ginger, they would need two of these ‘ginger’ X chromosomes. Males only need one. Ginger cat male to female ratios are approximately 3:1.
  • Two ginger parent cats will produce all ginger kittens. Ginger tom cats tend to father female kittens who are either ginger or ‘tortoise shell’.

Bring a Ginger Cat Home

Looking for someone to be demanding and act like they have the run of the household, even if they don’t? Then it’s probably time to get a cat! For those who don’t have a cat already, maybe it’s time to get one. Don’t go to a breeder or pet store though, instead pick one up from a shelter. Shelters are the best ways to rescue a pet from an otherwise miserable and sad existence. Bring some joy to an animal’s life today by rescuing a pet on Ginger Cat Appreciation Day!

Give a Nod to Famous Ginger Cats

People who have ginger cats know that there’s just something special and unique about them. And many comic strip and cartoon artists seem to agree, because many different ginger cats have been featured in their work, including:

  • Garfield. This lazy but loveable character was created by Jim Davis back in the late 1970s. He continued on in fame through comic strips, all the way to the big screen when he starred in his own feature film, Garfield: The Movie.
  • Orangey. While admittedly less memorable than his co-star, Audrey Hepburn, Orangey was the cat who played Holly Golightly’s cat who was, creatively, called “Cat” and was described as a “poor slob without a name”.
  • Puss in Boots. This fun, swashbuckling, pirate-y cat is an important character in the Shrek franchise. Voiced by Antonio Banderas, this lovable character made appearances in three Shrek films and then starred in his own film Puss in Boots.

Get a Gift for a Ginger Cat

Bring that ginger cat something special like a new catnip mouse or a brand new cat-tree! Of course, no matter what type of gift is bought for them, they’re going to love… the box. Was it already mentioned that cats are fairly contrary?

Whatever is done, remember that this furry ginger friend relies on you for everything, even if they often act like they’re above it all.

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