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Bond.. James Bond

James Bond

Did you ever want to be a secret agent? To Fly through the air shooting the bad guys? What about have all those fancy gadgets and lovely women? Who doesn’t want to drive nice cars while being impeccably dressed a smooth talker and a comforting presence after all the violence is over? Do you know who spent his days gathering secrets for MI6, and taking action movies to a steamy romance? There is one figure that encompasses all of our dreams of a what a man of danger who gets answers to questions and winds up with the girl is. James Bond Day celebrates this hero of super-spy cinema!

History of James Bond Day

Few people know that James Bond didn’t get his start in films, but instead in a series of book by Author Ian Fleming in 1953. In 1962 this wildly popular series of books was brought to the silver screen in “Dr. NO” and in that one instance, James Bond was brought to life for people everywhere. Men dreamed of living a life of danger, women swooned at the thought of the mysterious stranger, and everyone spent their days fantasizing about what it would mean to be a secret agent man.

50 years later it was decided that the best way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his arrival on the silver screen was commemorated a day dedicated to secret agents everywhere. Thus was born James Bond Day. Throughout the ages, some of the biggest names of stage and screen have portrayed this iconic character, including Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and the best James Bond ever (in our opinion) Sean Connery. Throughout the decades this movie has brought us fast cars, beautiful women, and cackling villains that have tried to take down England, and the world. In every case there was one man, this 007, that would take them down and save the day.

How to celebrate Global James Bond Day

So How do we celebrate 65 years of being an icon in the eyes of the world? You’ll find there are many ways to do just that, whether by picking up one of the books, having a marathon of the movies, or just picking a favorite and watch it at home with the family and friends. You can listen to the soundtracks throughout the day or grab you nearest suit and feel the confidence of wearing it in the same fashion as the icon James Bond has become. Going out to a convention as James Bond or out on the town is another great way to celebrate James Bond Day.

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