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The Gold Cup Parade in Charlottetown is a must-see event full of excitement and vibrant displays. As the largest parade in Atlantic Canada, it features a dazzling array of floats, marching bands, antique cars, and giant balloons.

The streets come alive with color and music, drawing in thousands of spectators each year. The energy and joy of the parade make it a highlight for both locals and visitors alike.

This lively parade is part of the larger Old Home Week celebrations on Prince Edward Island. It’s a time when the community comes together to celebrate their shared heritage and culture.

The event showcases the best of the region, from local businesses and organizations to cultural groups and entertainers. It’s a grand display of pride and community spirit, reflecting the island’s rich traditions and vibrant lifestyle.

History of the Gold Cup Parade

The Gold Cup Parade began in 1962, founded by Frank Acorn and Bill Hancox. They aimed to revive Old Home Week in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

They wanted to boost local enthusiasm and attract more visitors. The first parade was a success, drawing large crowds and becoming an annual tradition.

The founders, a group of local businessmen, helped the Charlottetown Driving Park organize the event. They managed the logistics and brought in various participants to create a vibrant parade.

By 1986, this group formed a non-profit organization named the Charlottetown Parade Committee Inc., ensuring the parade’s continuity and growth​.

Throughout the years, the parade has become a highlight of Old Home Week, featuring floats, marching bands, antique cars, and giant balloons.

It celebrates community spirit and local culture, attracting thousands of spectators annually. The event remains a cherished tradition, showcasing the creativity and pride of Prince Edward Island​.

How to Celebrate Gold Cup Parade

People flock to this parade for various reasons. It’s a celebration of community and culture, bringing together families and friends to enjoy the spectacle.

The parade is also a symbol of local pride, highlighting the island’s unique heritage and the creativity of its residents. Whether you’re watching the colorful floats or tapping your feet to the marching bands, the Gold Cup Parade offers a memorable experience for everyone.

Decorate Your Ride

Transform your car into a float. Add bright decorations and fun themes. Drive through the streets and join the parade. Neighbors and friends will love it!

Host a Backyard BBQ

Fire up the grill for a backyard BBQ. Invite friends and family to enjoy the day together. Serve up some classic summer foods. Burgers, hotdogs, and cold drinks will keep everyone happy.

Create a Parade Viewing Party

Set up chairs and blankets along the parade route. Bring snacks and drinks to share. Cheer on the floats and bands as they pass. Capture the fun moments with lots of photos.

Dress in Festive Attire

Wear bright colors and fun costumes. Hats, sunglasses, and festive accessories add to the fun. Encourage everyone to dress up and join in the celebration. The more outrageous, the better!

Organize a Kids’ Craft Corner

Set up a craft table for kids. Provide supplies to make banners and flags. Let their creativity shine as they make parade-themed crafts. It keeps them entertained and adds to the festive atmosphere.

Plan a Potluck Picnic

Invite neighbors for a potluck picnic. Everyone brings a dish to share. Enjoy a variety of foods while watching the parade. It’s a great way to bond with the community.

Capture the Moments

Take lots of photos and videos. Share them on social media with parade hashtags. Create lasting memories and enjoy looking back at the fun times. Don’t forget to tag friends!

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