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Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday are all unique days that are related to the holiday shopping that people often engage in at the end of the calendar year. So get ready to learn more about Green Monday!

History of Green Monday

Although it might sound like a day that is meant to celebrate the environment, that’s not exactly the definition of “green” for this day. Instead, the idea for Green Monday was started because of the day’s relationship to money. After all, US dollars are green and have even earned the nickname “greenbacks”.

In the retail world, Green Monday is one of the busiest and most lucrative shopping days in the industry. Occurring on the second Monday in December, Green Monday typically represents the last minute effort that many people make toward purchasing gifts for the Christmas holidays. That’s because this is usually the last day that people can shop online so that the purchases can still arrive in time for the holidays.

eBay seems to have created the phrase for “Green Monday” in 2007, to go along with other retail days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some business organizations define Green Monday as the last Monday that lands at least ten days prior to Christmas Day.

Green Monday is a big shopping day and perhaps an ideal time to take advantage of sales and deals that can be found online for purchasing gifts.

How to Celebrate Green Monday

Get involved with observing Green Monday by enjoying some of these ideas for the day:

Go Shopping Online

The main theme for this day is to make sure to finish filling all of the requests on the Christmas lists of kids, friends, and other family members. When online shopping came into play a few decades ago, it certainly changed the way that last minute shopping happens. Now, everything can be delivered right to the doorstep. That is, of course, if it is ordered in time to arrive by Christmas. And that typically means getting those gift purchases made by Green Monday.

Embrace the Green

Even if this day is technically named based on the financial impact it makes in the retail industry, that doesn’t mean it can’t be infused with a little bit of fun as well. Think of creative ways to enjoy Green Monday, like wearing a green shirt or sweater, or even dressing in green from head to toe.

Bake Something Green

Doing some holiday baking to give away to friends and family? Green Monday would be a great day to bake something green. Try making some cookies and decorating them with festive green frosting, or baking some fresh bread and wrapping it in a bright green ribbon before offering it up as a gift.

Shop Ahead

To avoid running into the same problems next year, perhaps this would be a good time to do some planning ahead! Spend some time on Green Monday working on that gift list for the holidays that are coming up the following year. Have those items ready and then be better prepared for the future!

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