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Many people don’t realize the importance of this day for several countries all over the world who celebrate their independence on the first day of each year. One important country to recognize this day as their birthday is the island nation of Haiti. Get ready to join in on celebrating Haitian Independence Day! 

History of Haitian Independence Day

Haiti became a free republic on the first day of January in 1804, after a revolution that had occurred over the previous fifteen years, fighting for freedom from France. This important event in the history of the country declared independence for the people of Haiti and ensured freedom from colonial rule.

The story of Haiti’s independence is particularly important because this was the first country to be founded by former slaves, and it was also the first nation in the western hemisphere to abolish slavery!

Taking place on New Year’s Day, Haitian Independence Day, is celebrated throughout the country with various traditions, one of which is a pumpkin soup called soupe joumou. Other celebrations include parties, music and festivities. 

How to Celebrate Haitian Independence Day

Show some appreciation for this unique nation located in the Caribbean islands by getting involved with the celebration of Haitian Independence Day! Check out some of these ideas for getting started:

Learn Interesting Facts about Haiti

One excellent way to get involved with and celebrate Haitian Independence Day would be to learn a bit more about the country through some trivia or fun facts. This could also be a great way for teachers or parents to provide some background information and education when helping their children learn about geography, social studies and much more.

Get started by learning and sharing a few of these facts about Haitian Independence Day:

  • The Republic of Haiti shares an island with the Dominican Republic, and the name of the entire island that the two share is Hispaniola.

  • Haiti is made up of a series of breathtaking mountainous landscapes, so everyone in the country is either on a mountain or can see one.

  • Like many Caribbean island nations, the people of Haiti enjoy food that is very spicy, including goat pepper, vinegar, and various locally grown hot, hot, hot spices.

  • Haiti has two national languages, both French and Haitian Creole. But French is considered to be a “high” language by many, so the commoners usually use Haitian Creole, with more than 95% of people who are fluent in this language.

Visit Haiti

An incredible option for celebrating Haitian Independence Day might be to plan a trip to visit this interesting island country. And even though the day is celebrated in January, the country of Haiti boasts summer weather all year round, so be sure to pack that bathing suit for taking a swim in the ocean.

Other activities to enjoy might include hiking, cave exploration, beach adventures and more. Though tourists should certainly do their homework and travel only in safe places in Haiti, the island offers unique and interesting cultural experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

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