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Laundry can be a pain to deal with, especially if you have loads to do. But if you wish to find a better way of taking care of your clothes, then National Hanging Out Day has got you covered.

National Hanging Out Day encourages you to use a drying line instead of your dryer as a way to help the environment. It also strives to bring awareness to the benefits of air-drying clothes.

History of National Hanging Out Day

National Hanging Out Day was founded in 1998, when Project Laundry List was still in development. Former director Alexander Lee was attending Green Corps’ undergraduate Environmental Organizing Semester at the time., Senator Dick McCormack of Vermont introduced the Right to Dry bill in Vermont.

The first Hanging Our Day was established during this time, with hundreds of people using clotheslines for drying instead of using a dryer for energy conservation. Project Laundry List continues to work towards encouraging others to use dry lining as a better way of drying clothes for environmental causes.

Each year, Project Laundry List works with hundreds of other organizations to sponsor National Hanging Out Day.

Sponsored by and as an active member of The CLEAN, a national coalition of environmental organizations, National Hanging Out Day encourages communities to learn about the benefits of clotheslines as an alternative drying method. Dry lining clothes can help save money, less lint occurs on your clothes, can help prevent fires, and can help save energy in the process.

Dry lining has many benefits in comparison to drying with a machine, and through National Hanging Out Day. People can become more aware of the problems a washer and dryer can have on the environment.

How to Celebrate National Hanging Out Day

Get involved by taking the time to try out air drying your laundry. Set up a line in your backyard and test out what air drying can do for your clothes. Show your support by posting the benefits of air drying on social media. Post flyers at your local community center or give flyers out to your schools to educate people about the benefits of air drying.

Talk to your friends and family about the idea and help others get their clothing lines set up so they can dry their clothes in the sunlight. Volunteer at Project Laundry List to see what opportunities the organization can have if you care about the environment.

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