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Thomas & Ruth Roy

”I have to say, I’m not a fan of horror movies, they give me nightmares. But I’d rather watch a marathon of horror movies than dig in and clean out the darkest recesses of my refrigerator.”
~ Anonymous

It lurks there in the kitchen, looming seemingly harmless for much of the year, right up until that fateful day comes. That day when digging in and cleaning out the refrigerator is something that can no longer be held off but is now something that must be braved. We understand the fear that comes with tackling this chore, the back of the fridge can be a terrifying place where old food goes to die and vegetables rot into foul liquids that coalesce in the hardest to reach recesses. Haunted Refrigerator Night encourages us to strap on our cleaning gear, slip into some gloves, and exorcise the horrors that live in our fridge.

History of Haunted Refrigerator Night
Thomas and Ruth Roy have a reputation for creating some of the zaniest and fun filled non-traditional holidays to ever grace our calendars. This time, however, the folks at Wellcat have simply gone too far. They have opened a doorway to the darkest, scariest place in our homes and challenged us to go there and face true evil. No, we’re not talking about the basement, as we mentioned above we’re clearly talking about the refrigerator.

For homemakers the refrigerator serves as the garage of the traditional father, always needing to be cleaned out and organized but too terrifying to truly consider doing. Halloween, however, is not the time to be letting dark corners go unobserved lest something dwells there that wishes us harm. So it is that Haunted Refrigerator Night must be observed to protect us from the vestiges of meals past.

How to Celebrate Haunted Refrigerator Night
Gather up your strength of will and your favorite tools for banishing the demons of rot and filth, and tackle your refrigerator! Get into the depths of the deepest, darkest corners and clean out all of the muck and mire that’s built up. How long has that Tupperware been in there? If you don’t know, throw it out, if you do know and it terrifies you, THROW IT OUT. Don’t let the ghost of leftovers past build in your fridge and carry through to the next year. After all, Halloween is the night when the dead walk, and you don’t want to be strangled in your sleep by a moldy, angry, ghost of Lasagna.

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