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Are you a stay-at-home mom or a respected homemaker? If you believe that you are not as appreciated as you should be for your efforts, National Housewife Day will help you fight the feeling that your efforts are going largely unnoticed. Or perhaps you are the husband of a housewife who has been accused of underestimating just how much work goes into keeping an entire home under control, not to mention a few children clean and well-behaved. Either way, this day is right for you.

Intended to honor the housewife for her tireless efforts to transform a house into a home, this event has also grown greatly in popularity during recent times. In our career-driven world, being a housewife (our house husband) is looked upon as a sort of easy way out, when it is anything but that. However, recently people have slowly begun to realize that just because someone stays home all day, that doesn’t mean they sleep till noon and spend half of the remainder of the day filing their nails, and that contrary to popular belief, running a home is quite a bit of work indeed.

History of National Housewife Day

Although the exact date that National Housewife Day was created is difficult to source (as are many such events), many suspect that it was created by an actual housewife; perhaps feeling a bit jaded or not fully appreciated. Unsurprisingly, the idea soon gained a great deal of momentum, considering the vast amount of women who have been housewives over the centuries and millennia.

How to Celebrate National Housewife Day

Celebrating this day will naturally revolve around the housewife or homemaker, and rightfully so. If you are a stay-at-home wife or husband, feel free to treat yourself to a day spa. You deserve it, for all of the floors you’ve washed, all of the diapers you’ve changed, and all of the dinners you’ve cooked! Go on, don’t feel guilty, everyone needs a break every now and then, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Find someone trustworthy to watch your children of you have any, and take the day off to enjoy yourself getting a massage, reading book, or just sipping some coffee or wine without having to worry about all of the things that need to be done and whether you’ll have time to do them before your spouse gets home. This day is about you, so make sure you relax fully and recharge your batteries so you can be fresh and ready to start again the next day.

And if you are one of those lucky husbands or wives whose spouse manages the home, taking your significant other out to a well-deserved dinner or on a weekend getaway will show him or her that you do understand the work that goes into taking care of the home and children, and that you are grateful to have a person whom you can depend on for this in your life.

Last of all, make sure National Housewife Day is not something that happens only once a year, just because that’s when the day falls! One day a year of vacation from a job is not enough for anyone, regardless of the work they do, let alone for someone single-handedly responsible for such an enormous and important task. Do whatever you can to make sure you celebrate Housewife Day once a month or so to keep your spirits up!

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