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Shape shift, nose to the wind
Shape shift, feeling I have been
Move swift, all senses clean
Earth’s gift, back to the meaning
Back to the meaning of wolf and man

Metallica – Of Wolf and Man

The wolf has been a powerful symbol throughout all of mythology, whether we reference Fenris Wolf who was set to devour the world during Ragnarok, or Romulus and Remus who were raised by wolves to create the foundation of the Roman Empire, the most powerful empire of all time. They have been the subject of powerfully moving art, the once popular and now embarrassing three-wolf moon shirt, and more song themes than one can shake a proverbial stick at.

Part time monstrous, part time noble, no other animal has been quite as controversial as the Wolf, but one thing remains constant throughout. Wolves are regularly shown as howling at the moon, and Howl at the Moon day is your opportunity to join them in their celebration of the wild.

History of Howl at the Moon Day

In many parts of the world Wolves are seen as pest animals, harassing livestock and endangering pets, this has led to severe over-hunting and recovery efforts can get costly. Wolves are wonderful and majestic animals, and are a vital part of the world’s ecology. Howl at the Moon Day was organized to help educate people on them, and to help organizations like Wolf Haven generate funds and get the word out on Wolf Conservation.

How to Celebrate Howl at the Moon Day

You can keep things literal in your Howl at the Moon Day celebrations, and merely take a step outside and give the celestial orb in the sky a great big howling hello. You can get groups of friends together and head out to the forests and build a bonfire under a dark autumn night, and how to the crisp and clear skies overhead and the moon that hangs there like a giant eye watching over the world at large.

It’s life – a new kind of life. Open your eyes, Dean.
See what I see. Feel what I feel.
And let’s go take a howl at that moon.

Supernatural TV Series – Crowley

For the more altruistically minded, you can gather up plans to put together a fund-raising event for your local wolf conservatory.

On a more metaphorical note, Howling the Moon can represent breaking free of the traditional and standard, to stare into the dark night and away from the sane light of convention and civilization. Howl at the Moon night can be your opportunity to just cut free, do something wild and unexpected, and just let the wild in you out for an evening.

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