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Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home — so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Every so often, a situation comes to pass that is of such astounding importance that humans all over the globe should stand up and recognize it. People must place this situation on the pedestal that it deserves. In doing so, people will ensure that the precepts and policies put in place by it are adhered to, appreciated, and spread as far as the human voice will carry.

Such is the sort of message sent by Human Rights Day.

History of Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day was established commemorate The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that was created in 1948.

The creation of this document was a shout across the world by the leading countries in the world, stating loud and clear that no matter where we live, what we believe, or how we love, we are each individually deserving of the most basic fundamentals of human needs.

The UDHR proclaims the inalienable rights every human being is entitled to, exclusive of race, gender, color, language, religious beliefs, political (or other) opinion, national origin, property ownership, birth, or any other status. This is the most translated document in the world, made available in more than 500 languages.

Since that auspicious day the UDHR has stood as the first major stride forward in ensuring that the rights of every human across the globe are protected. From the most basic human needs such as food, shelter and water, all the way up to access to free and uncensored information, these items have been the goals and ambitions laid out for that day.

Each year, Human Rights Day marks events, gatherings and conferences around the world that are dedicated to ensuring these ideals are pursued. And to make sure that the basic Human Rights of every human being are made a priority in the global theater.

How to Observe Human Rights Day

Those who are looking for ideas of how to observe Human Rights Day should look no further! Here are some great ideas for getting started making a small but important difference in the world on this day:

Take a Look around

One important way to celebrate Human Rights Day is to take some time to appreciate the effect that this resolution has had on the world, society and each person’s individual life. Look around the neighborhood and see the effects on a local scale, the charitable works being done to promote the health and well-being of those who are less fortunate.

Get the Word Out for Human Rights Day

Many people aren’t aware that Human Rights Day is even a thing, so helping to raise awareness is a great way to start. Students can make posters and have a small event at school. Office workers or warehouse workers can post notices in the breakroom or send out a company email reminding people to observe the day in support of the rights of all humans. Others might want to make a video about Human Rights Day, share it with friends, and hope that it goes viral!

Find an Opportunity to Volunteer or Donate

Take this day as a reminder to get out there and make a difference in the world. Whether it’s simply making a donation to one of the dozens of organizations that work towards this global purpose, or organizing a donation drive of your own to help out those organizations who are fighting the good fight.

Not sure how to find an organization to get involved with? Try out some of these international recognized ones to get started:

  • Amnesty International
    This global movement of over 10 million people takes justice seriously. Independent of politics or religion, this organization mobilizes people to make the world a place where human rights are enjoyed by everyone.
  • Human Rights Watch
    Working to investigate and then report abuses of human rights, this group includes more than 450 people from approximately 70 different nations, helping with law, business, policy, and more.
  • Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
    Pursuing equality, this organization is made up of professional volunteers whose aim it is to respect, protect, and promote human rights all over the world.
  • United Nations Foundation
    Building awareness and support of the UN’s network so that some of the most vulnerable people on earth can be helped.

Hold a Human Rights Day Event

Whether it’s just a gathering for a few friends or a public event that includes the entire community, getting people together is a great way to observe the day. Start by educating folks about the plight of inequality of human rights in various places throughout the world. Secure a guest speaker to share their experiences or expertise on the matter, or watch a documentary on the topic. Finding an opportunity to get people involved is the most important part!

Make a Small Gesture

Don’t think that these gestures have to be grand, simply gathering enough resources to put together a bunch of care packages of simple needs and necessities and handing them out amongst local people who are needy or homeless can go a long way to helping to support this cause. The need is large, but is made of limitless minor actions that can lead to a world-wide change in quality of life.

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