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Independent Artist Day™ is an annual occasion that reveals the special place that indie artists hold in the art world. These free thinkers bring fresh, unique perspectives and creativity to the forefront every day of the year, but this is the day we celebrate their efforts. It’s a day to recognize the significant contributions of independent artists to our cultural and artistic landscapes.

History of Independent Artist Day™

Independent Artist Day™ was inaugurated in 2022 by Minted, an online art marketplace. They announced the day to mark their 15th-anniversary celebration. The Minted team knew they must establish a day to acknowledge and support the invaluable contributions of independent artists from every corner of the globe. Minted, founded in 2007 by Mariam Naficy, rose to become an influential platform. They brought artists and art enthusiasts together in one place, thus providing a unique space for artists to showcase their work and for art lovers to discover new talents.

Today, Minted is home to art from independent artists across all fifty states and over a hundred countries, making it a global hub for creative expression.

The establishment of Independent Artist Day™ was a natural progression in Minted’s journey. This day is necessary to celebrate the independent artists they feature and encourage public engagement with their work. It’s a day that reveals the importance of independent art in enriching our lives and communities.

How to Celebrate Independent Artist Day™

Celebrating Independent Artist Day™ is a perfect time for engaging with and supporting the independent art community. Here are some ways to immerse yourself in the spirit of this special day:

Discover New Artists

Spend the day exploring online galleries like Minted. Look into art’s many styles and mediums, and find a new favorite artist. Maybe you’ll even invest in your first piece of fine artwork.

Purchase Independent Art

One of the best ways to support artists is by purchasing their work. Whether you spend your money on a painting, a print, or a handcrafted piece, buying directly from independent artists helps sustain their craft.

Participate in Online Voting

Platforms like Minted often hold design challenges where the public can vote for their favorite pieces. Participate in these votes to help determine which artworks get featured and produced. You give a much-needed hand-up to an indie artist when you participate.

Attend Local Art Shows

If there are art shows or exhibitions in your area on Independent Artist Day™, make a point to visit them. These events are great opportunities to see art in person and meet the artists behind the work. You might not realize it, but public support is crucial in making these events a success.

Share Your Finds on Social Media

Spend a little time on Independent Artist Day™ using your social media platforms to promote independent artists. Share the artists’ work, tag them, and use hashtags like #IndependentArtistDay to spread excitement and awareness of their art.

Create Your Own Art

Do you have some hidden artistic talent? Have you been too shy to share? Use Independent Artist Day™ as the nudge you need to share it with the world. If you’re artistically inclined, celebrate the day by creating something yourself. It’s a great way to connect with the creative process and understand the challenges and joys of being an independent artist. When you feel ready, share it online with your friends and family.

Host an Art-Themed Gathering

Invite friends and family for an art-themed party. You could include activities like a group painting session, an art trivia game, or a showcase of local artists’ work.

Educate Yourself About Art

Even if you have never studied art, it is helpful to understand all that goes into the creative process – and how hard it can be for artists to earn a living at their crafts. Take some time on Independent Artist Day™ to read about independent artists’ challenges. Understanding their journey can deepen your appreciation for their work and the art community.

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