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Bats drink on the wing, like swallows, by sipping the surface, as they play over pools and streams.

Gilbert White

Bats have many places in literature and history, and serve roles both dark and hilarious depending on where you find them. Probably the most common association with the bat is with vampires, but there is also the fun-loving bat from Ferngully (Batty Coda) along with a host of other characters from literature and cinema. But bats have an important role to play in our eco-system, and some of them are becoming endangered. International Bat Night serves to raise awareness from our flying rodent friends and why they deserve to be protected.

History of International Bat Night

International Bat Night was established to help promote the good image of bats, and to help start creating some clarity on the facts about them above and beyond the rumors and Hollywood image. While we often think of bats as nocturnal predators feasting on the blood of the innocent and harboring rabies, the truth is quite different. Yes, there are bats that feed on blood, but they mostly feed on insects and believe us, you want bats to be out there patrolling the night and helping eliminate them.

Bats are one of the major contributors to keeping down obnoxious night insects like mosquitoes, and if you’re a camper, you know how unpleasant mosquitoes can make an otherwise pleasant camping expedition. There are also bats that feed on nectar and fruit, and actually help to pollinate and spread the seed of plants, in many cases they’re the only ones working to help those plants procreate!

These are just the beginnings of the wonders that bats possess, and there is far more just a flicker away, and International Bat Night is a great time to spend learning about them!

How to celebrate International Bat Night

One of the best ways to spend International Bat Night is by enjoying the quiet of night and watching the skies in your nearest bat habitat. Maybe it’s a night out in the woods, or just sitting on your front porch if you’re fortunate enough!

If you’re feeling both generous and adventurous, you can head out to one of your local Bat Conservatories and celebrate the night with them while making a contribution to their work. Really love bats? Volunteer with these conservatories and help keep our flying rodent friends around!