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The use of natural substances for holistic healing purposes is an ancient practice dating back probably as far as human beings who found that certain plants could be applied topically or made into teas to promote health and cure disease. In modern times, at least in the western world, the field of medicine has tended to move away from natural healing practices. But scientists cannot deny that plants do have a myriad of properties that can aid humans in their efforts toward health. 

And since essential oils are simply the “essence” of the plants they are made from, that’s what International Essential Oils Day is all about!

History of International Essential Oils Day

International Essential Oils Day got its start in 2018 when it was founded by the president and COO of one of the largest essential oil companies in the world, Young Living. The event was scheduled to take place on July 11, which was the birthday of the company founder, Donald Gary Young who had passed away in May of that year. The purpose behind the day was to increase awareness about and highlight the benefits of using essential oils in daily life, and also to pay tribute to the company founder.

How to Celebrate International Essential Oils Day

Check out some of these ideas and activities for celebrating International Essential Oils Day:

Learn More About Essential Oils 

Even with their popularity, some people might be skeptical about the healthy attributes and properties of all natural essential oils. In celebration of International Essential Oils Day, consider and share some of these important facts:

  • Essential oils are not actually oils but instead they are concentrated plant extracts that are 100% natural

  • Essential oils are extremely concentrated – for example, a single drop of peppermint essential oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea

  • Essential oils can have many healing properties that fight for the body including antibiotic, antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant anti-inflammatory and more

  • Essential oils are typically extracted through steam distillation to keep the purity of the oils

Make Use of Some Essential Oils

Whether diffusing in the air or applying topically with a carrier oil, International Essential Oils Day is just the right time to make use of the amazing healing properties and benefits of nature. While there are a myriad of essential oils that can probably be used for a wide range of ailments or situations, most users of essential oils find that they stick most regularly to a few basic oils.

  • Lavender Essential Oil. Soothing and calming, this oil provides healing benefits for wounds and acne, helps promote sleep, reduces anxiety and acts as an insect repellent
  • Lemon Essential Oil. This purifying and cleansing oil can reduce inflammation, boost energy, heal infections and act as a disinfectant
  • Peppermint Essential Oil. Offers help with coughs and colds, headaches, and muscle aches, and also improves concentration while reducing stress 
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Useful for soothing tired muscles, this oil also supports respiratory health, acts as a decongestant and may even reduce joint pain 

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