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March, 2017 will be...


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I had this great idea! Now, what was it again?

Ideas are important. They’re the way society makes improvements. Sometimes the smallest of ideas can lead to great advancements. We all have ideas but the trouble is we often can’t foresee the long-term possibilities and we forget about them.

International Ideas Month encourages us to make the most of our ideas, and challenges us to do something with them! Carry a small notebook or have a note-making app on your phone, and write down ideas as you have them. Try brainstorming with people who share a common purpose and see what ideas come up. Sometimes they come in a flood, sometimes just one pops into your head. However it happens, make a note of it. Then, before too much time passes, review your ideas and evaluate them. If they really are good ones, create an action plan and get started!

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