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Diving deep underwater to see and experience the plants and animals located there is a fairly recent experience for humans. In fact, it was only around a century ago that the equipment that allows people to dive was invented. Today, International Scuba Day is here to celebrate this amazing activity and encourage others to join in! 

History of International Scuba Day

International Scuba Day had its inaugural celebration in 2023 when a group of passionate divers worked together to promote and celebrate the important experience that comes from diving. In addition, the day is meant to unite divers from all over the world and promote the community of ocean lovers.

The date of this event was chosen as a nod to July 6, 1926, which was the date that the Fernez-Le Prieur diving apparatus was unveiled. This equipment was made in cooperation between a French Naval Officer, Yves Paul Gaston Prieur along with an inventor, Maurice Fernez, and the work between the two made it possible for humans to dive to previously unreached depths. The ability to dive grew in popularity and by 1952, the term “scuba” or SCUBA, was coined as an acronym that means Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

The first annual International Scuba Day event included in person and online opportunities that were sponsored by dive centers, training organizations, dive clubs, resorts, and even conservation organizations. The hope is that each year the event will grow to include more divers and diving groups that can be united around the theme of diving as well as taking care of the world’s oceans.

International Scuba Day is an annual observance that celebrates the love of diving all over the world!

How to Celebrate International Scuba Day

Get involved with International Scuba Day by starting out with some of these plans and activities:

Go Diving

Those who are experienced divers, whether amateurs or professionals, can pay respect to International Scuba Day by scheduling a dive. Enjoy the waters in the local area, or plan a trip to an exotic place that is new. An easy way to get involved with diving is by scheduling a tour through a resort that includes equipment, training, safety, transportation and more. With the opportunity to delve into unchartered portions of the seas and oceans, scuba diving brings with it a fantastic and rewarding way to connect with and experience nature.

Learn More About Scuba Diving 

In honor of International Scuba Diving Day, newcomers can get more connected with the event by adding to their base of knowledge. Take a look at, and perhaps even share, some of these interesting facts about scuba diving in honor of the day:

  • The first on-demand Aqua Lung breathing apparatus was invented by ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau.

  • A large portion of the earth’s 71% of water is ocean, and approximately 80% of the planet’s ocean is unexplored territory, making it earth’s final frontier.

  • While the limit for even some of the most professional scuba divers is approximately 1300 feet, the world’s deepest dive took place in the Red Sea at a depth of more than 1000 feet.

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