Quick Facts

First Saturday of May
4th May, 2019
5th May, 2018
6th May, 2017

Learn about Join Hands Day

While you might think that Join Hands Day is all about shaking the hands of strangers you meet in the street, it is fact a day dedicated to attempting a union in our communities between the older generation and the younger generation. In the world where youths are persecuted, and the elderly are presented as weak and frail, this day truly brings communities together to recognise the various ways in which we all aid each other.

Many communities across the world will use Join Hands Day to start a dialogue between the old and the young, hoping to plant a seed of communication which can exist for years to come. If you want to get involved try paying a visit to a community centre or elderly home, and show that regardless of age we are all humans who need to be appreciated and loved.