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There will not be peace until access to the kebab is universal

Kofi Annan

There is something special about a kebab, that combination of meat and vegetables skewered on a bamboo spear roasted over coals. The smoky flavor, the fantastic array of seasonings, or just the combination of the carnivore’s favorite treat and the herbivore’s secret vice makes it a place where we all can meet.

Kebab Day celebrates this delicious barbecue favorite and its origins, and of course, gives us an excuse to eat all the kebab we want!

History of Kebab Day

Kebabs have a long and august history, starting in the Middle East where initially they were simply grilled meat heavily seasoned. There are two particular varieties which those of us in the West are particularly familiar, being shish kebab and doner kebab.

Shish kebab is far and away the more commonly known term and refers to a variety that is popular in Asia. Most commonly made of lamb or beef, it has also been known to contain swordfish or chicken. While we usually see these dishes prepared with the vegetables and meat on the same skewer, they were initially done separately.

The doner kebab, on the other hand, is most commonly known as the source of the meat for gyros. Essentially it’s layers of meat stacked into an inverted cone and slowly roasted by turning next to a vertical cooking element. The outer layer is slowly sliced as it cooks and served, most commonly in a pita as the famous gyro. This isn’t the only thing a doner kebab is used for, but if the others top the gyro… we’d like to try them.

Other varieties you might find are Kebab Kenjeh, Kebab Halabi, Burrah, Kalmi, and Galouti, just to name a few!

How To Celebrate Kebab Day

The easiest (and tastiest!) way to celebrate Kebab Day is to go out and sample the delicious flavors that can only be found in the best of kebabs. You can also organize a barbecue at your home and have your friends bring all their favorite kind of kebabs and serve them up fresh!

These days people are putting everything on kebabs, from chicken and vegetables to pieces of pineapple. Anything you can imagine can be put on a kebab and prepared with rich flavorful seasonings over smoky coals. Kebab Day encourages you to be creative and bring out the best in your kebabs, and let your skewers become vehicles for culinary deliciousness.