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National Knife Day is the day to appreciate the knives that folk use on a daily basis. This day is a celebration of this marvelous tool that has been with humans since the dawn of time.

History of National Knife Day

The evolution of knives has been a remarkable feat throughout the history of humans – from knives made of bone, stone and flint, to modern creations using titanium, bronze, iron and steel. Nobody can deny the knife is one of man’s most useful tools – for cooking, eating, fishing, hunting, and not to forget the oh-so-handy Swiss Army knife.

National Knife Day has been celebrated each year for more than a decade, since at least 2011. The date that was chosen for observing National Knife Day seems to be associated with the Bowie Knife. It was on August 24, 1838, that a letter was written by Rezin Bowie, the brother of the knife’s namesake, claiming that he (and not his brother) was the actual creator of the knife and deserved credit for it.

Whether spending the day sharpening knives, crafting a knife, or pulling out that collection of knives, National Knife Day is a great time to show appreciation for this ancient tool that is still relevant today!

How to Celebrate National Knife Day

Join in on the fun of celebrating and enjoying National Knife Day with some interesting activities, like some of these:

Buy a New Knife or Knife Set

In celebration of National Knife Day, go ahead and celebrate by buying that knife set you’ve always wanted. Check out a set of high quality kitchen knives at a specialty cooking store or online. From the Shun brand of Japanese chef’s knives to the sleek Material Kitchen design, tons of different options of a new set of knives are available for those looking for an excuse to buy them on this day!

Host a National Knife Day Event

To make the most of National Knife Day, why not test out those amazing knife chopping skills in the kitchen by preparing a meal that uses chopped vegetables, like a stir fry dish or a plate of raw vegetables served with a delicious bowl of dip.

Go ahead and serve these treats at a little gathering hosted in honor of the day. Invite family and friends over to compare and swap knives, or get together to clean and sharpen those knives.

Then there’s nothing like having a cake and enjoying a slice by the knife. And instead of wishing one another to have a nice day, why not just say: “Have a knife day!”

Watch Some Knife-Themed Entertainment

Whether on your own or at the gathering mentioned above, National Knife Day is a great time to catch up on some shows or movies that center around the theme of knives. Of course, many of these films will be murder mysteries, but solving them can be loads of fun! Try out some of these:

  • Knives Out (2019). This unique murder comedy features Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc.
  • All the Old Knives (2022). This spy thriller is based on the 2015 book written by Olen Steinhauer, starring Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton.
  • Sharp (2013). A story about a surf bum who takes a job selling knives door to door.
  • A Knife for the Ladies (1974). This film from several decades ago offers a story about a detective who investigates several murders.

Learn to Throw Knives

One use for knives that is less common than cooking, but super interesting, is the talent for knife throwing. Often a side show used in circuses and other entertainment venues, knife throwing is a skill that requires a great deal of training and discipline. It requires concentration, accuracy, self-correction and so much more. Knife throwing lessons may be offered at various local places such as martial arts centers or community centers, and National Knife Day would be a great time to sign up for a class to learn this skill.

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